Who else have had the problem of renewal or replacement of a driver license, where you are told to find your own record in old log books dating back to the 90's?

I think they are way overdue for an upgrade of their record system.

share your thoughts


  • May I request that you volunteer yourself to provide the service. You could be a great asset to the department.
  • I would if I could
  • All they need is a computer to input their data. I am sure SPC, CSP or any other organization can donate a computer to the Trafic section. It's just that nobody is asking. A simple requesting letter from the Director of DPS to any of the organization can upgrade the old school system which they have now.
  • What happened to FSM justice department, could it not at least assist PNI St. with that? It has all the resources at its disposal to do it. Goodness grace!
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  • biz e, I share the same sentiment. The last time I renewed my driver license, I remember Traffic Officer giving me three log books for me to find my name in it. I think it's ABOUT TIME they input all that info onto a computer.

  • I've never had these issues with the Traffic Division, but it's worth saying that I learned how to drive on Pohnpei State and went through the same process anyone else does. In general I felt that the folks working there were dedicated and helpful, but it was also clear that the office could benefit from some cash to get them more resources. The Writing Test, for example, was frayed and--despite being one of their best copies--had clearly been used countless times before me. The ID machine was down, so I watched as one of the workers typed out my information to make my paper ID.

    I don't have any idea what it would cost to make the Traffic Division's database electronic but, using the Pohnpei Department of Education (my place of employment) as an example, we've found that keeping and maintaining records is vastly easier when it's digital. The FSM Accreditation process, for instance, has required us to create and keep about 150-200 pages of documentation for each school, from classroom checklists to principal interviews to justifications for scoring and the Form-Bs we send to National DOE and JEMCO. I don't even know where all the originals are anymore--but it arguably doesn't matter, either, because they've all been digitized and backed up on our servers and a dozen or so portable hard-drives.
  • im bumping this thread up
  • Am I reading this correctly? No computers at the PD?
  • Yes, you are reading it right but not true.
  • If there isn't one already, I'm assuming at some point soon there will be a database for the department that will have the necessary sophistication required of that important department. Hopefully soon they will be able to transfer the log book data into a format that can be imported into whatever database they use.
  • It's not the Department. It's the people who runs it. That damn cop dunno how to read. He know no engkilish. Only Arrggghhh (clears throat) and pttuhhh (spit).
  • That is one down side of the division. If I can see that they are trying their best to help people, I would understand. The last time I renewed my DL, they told me to find my name in the log. After finding my name, date, all the info they need, I followed the officer who has the info into the captain's office, just to be told to get out. It's funny how power hungered are some of the think they know it all officers.
  • And here I am wondering what kind of work I can do in Pohnpei!!! Sounds like if I could provide a computer I could start an Excel spreadsheet and begin entering information for everyone! Hmmm.... who'll pay for that, though? Would love to help make everyone's life easier.
  • Present yourself to PNI DPS and ask if you can help with its driver license dilemma. You could be the blessing it's been waiting for. Try and be insisting.
  • May be rated the worse/t by those who've been to HI Tech places and are so used to come and go processes but it is the best in FSM, I think.
  • Probably true, Sinbad. However, it reminds me of the time when I was visiting my now ex-wife at her place of employment. It was a retail store (Dollar General) where there were 2 other women working as well. They weren't, in my mind, very attractive, and in a moment of stupidity, I told her that she was the prettiest girl at Dollar General! Considering the standard, it wasn't much of a compliment!! Kinda like that ^ Lol....
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