ATMs in Pohnpei State

I noticed that here in Pohnpei, especially on weekends, BOG's ATMs are usually down and can't dispense cash. It's kind of crazy when you know ATMs are all over the place in the US, even in public restroom areas, and we can't have more here?


  • greenfin, I haven't seen an ATM in public restroom area in the US yet. It's against her "zoning law" requirement.
    PNI people must have loved ATMs cash that they run them dry before the weekend ends. Good for business and economy.
    Go for generic brands in the super markets if you are not satisfied with what you have.
    Spend money to get more money.
  • No cash in ATM on the weekends? It's a Banking scam. Limit withdrawals to prevent a dried up fault. Pohnpeians spend money like crazy. Funerals, fund raising, evening sakau sessions, kamadipw and even the Church siphons our savings and wallets dry. Pohneians love to spend. We dunno how to save.
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