US options re NOKO are still: nuclear war; economic war; ideas war; war of words

I think this is as legitimate concerns and topic of discussion for Micronesians because any NOKO attack on Guam will have tremendous negative effect on our islands. It looks like the Trump administration has given up on the first two options; and now is focusing on economic sanctions--aiming to deprive NOKO of outside money that come in and end up supporting the development of missiles, nuclear and hydrogen bomb, etc. So it's better to implement full economic sanctions first; to see how it works before the nuclear or conventional war option is considered.

US can simply cut off all trades with any country that does business with NOKO. It can also ban any banks from any country that facilitate fund transfers to NOKO. Countries such as Qatar that host thousands of NOKO citizens as workers who send money to NOKO's regime will not be allowed to trade anything with the US. It sounds like an extreme measure but it's good to try this now before actually going to war--which shall remain as an option on the US table.



  • Yeah, but the ban might RESULT in a war imageimage
  • Que the liberals to defend NOKO in 3 2 1....go
  • I'm just waiting for possible fire maybe fury baboon to do it. After all that shit about Crimea and Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan he kept spilling out of his butthole mouth. Nothing's happening. Starting to think pathological liar is on a serious roll. Most successful liar to ever occupy the whitehouse
  • I need to see his birth certificate to prove he's not half orangutan
  • masti, yes, at least try the ban first--before the war option is considered.
  • War should be the very last option after all others have been exhausted.
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    Well saka you should tell that to your fellow liberal redsnapper who wants war. And you are right war is always the last resort if and when all peaceful and political options have been exhausted.
  • I suppose fire, and perhaps fury. I'm not sure yet because I like to talk shit first without really thinking it through and fire everyone I say is smart and the best for the job. Make America fuckin dizzy again! Lol. Happy Friday porn star.
  • At trump university 3-1=Porn star anal action.
  • One poster's predilection or affinity to words such as anal, orangutan, porn, pussy grabber, etc. befuddles me. If it were possible to use other words to express his disagreement or frustration or whatever, it would make this Forum's discussion more dignified--and less nasty personal attacks. I don't mind attacks but using regular words or other descriptions that show respect to the others in this Forum would be appreciated. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Just my request, please.
  • Redsnapper is showing us his deepest darkest secrets.
  • No you two monkeys got it all wrong. I will continue to do this for as long as your orangutan is brainwashing you. This idiot has undone the work to stop climate change. Do you dumb asses know how that affects Micronesia? 4 hurricanes and catastrophic climate activity getting worse each year. Is this just normal or is our weather patterns really jacked due to human activity? America has gone from the leader to dead last in protecting the environment. Orangutan sole mission is to undo progress made and blame some one else instead of just working to improve things.. That's not leadership, that's the opposite of it. Now my beloved Republican Party has been completely fucked over by this clown. This bully and loud mouth baboon. How do you make America great by insulting your party representatives and senators.? McCain an American hero, ridiculed by orange monkey, then bitch slapped by bigly thumbs down on replace and repeal. But he's too dumb to see how his own stupidity is backfiring. The democrats are just laughing at the disunity and now, baboon is siding with them. I don't think you know how weak this monkey really is. Too bad you're so blind. Walmarts are now being built along the border. Smh.
  • Do agree with you! The Orangutan is an idiot and Mr. McCain an hero! image
  • If you had at least a million dollars to your name; and had voted in the US election, I would say that you have some credibility calling President Trump with these descriptions. Otherwise, calling him an "idiot" just reflects on your own disrespectful and personal feelings; and have no basis for it. Just my thoughts as I wish we all could be more reasonable and not being so rude and anti anything that he does.
  • You prefer pussy grabber in chief? Orangutan calls everyone insulting names, even handicapped people. The president should be the example of respect and calmness and intelligence. Your monkey exemplifies none of these qualities. Shows in his followers porn star and nazis and white supremacists and on and on and on
  • I guess this is a personal request: to ease up on the negative language describing Mr. Trump. I am not a US citizen so I have no voice when it comes to the US politics or whoever is the President the US citizens voted to the office. But I do read US news and commentaries; and hope that the US will continue to be militarily strong and economically strong; so that our COFA nations that have agreed to tie our long-term future with the lot of the US will be okay.

    I don't know if you are a citizen of one of the 3 COFA nations; or a US voter; or non-US voter from one of the Territories. In my opinion, it does not matter. We just want the US to be prosperous; so we can benefit from her success.

    My view about President Trump is that the US voters went to the polls--knowing that they were not going to vote for a church pastor or a person with 100% pure clean records for the office. It is my understanding that the previous US Presidents had their personal short comings too. Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe, etc. So he was cheating on his wife but again it did not matter. He was human being serving temporarily as President.

    As for the specific accusations that you have against Trump, I thought they were already explained. He did not grab anybody's pussy. He only talked about it--for the sake of it--but was caught on the tape; and political hacks and his enemies made it as if he is the most sinful man in this world. He only talked; and talk is cheap--just like the way a lot of cheap talks are being spread in this Forum and others.

    As for that accusations against the handicap, that has been proven to be wrong also. He was just talking with his hands flailing; and then, somebody said that he was imitating a handicap; and then, it went from there. In any case, these are unfair accusations; and many people have moved on after explains were made. I would suggest that you also move on regarding these two matters.

    I think you are smart poster in this Forum. For those of us who want to read all sides of any argument, I would say that your post will be more effective and convincing--and appreciated--if you focus on issues of the day; and less on negatives and rumors of the past. Just my thoughts and thanks in advance for consideration.
  • For what reason would anyone imitate a handicapped person? Only a lowlife idiot.He did it in physical and verbal form. If you bothered to actually view the disgusting display on video you would know the difference between imitation and insult . I do appreciate your points and maybe or perhaps will lighten up. You have to understand that ignorant trolls deserve to get their payback. Stupid, like isis needs to be stomped on and exposed.
  • Looks like climate change is bitch slapping the orangutan's environmental policy and ignorance. 31,000 retarded scientists.
  • Great news yet not reported by the media. President Donald Trump has the donated $1 million he said he would. The media said it was a lie yet the man donated it and now its not being reported on the mainstream media.

    The organizations, and the respective amounts each will receive, are:

    Reach out America – $100,000
    Red Cross – $300,000
    Salvation Army – $300,000
    Samaritan’s Purse – $100,000
    ASPCA – $25,000
    Catholic Charities – $25,000
    Direct Relief – $25,000
    Habitat for Humanity – $25,000
    Houston Humane Society – $25,000
    Operation Blessing – $25,000
    Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies – $25,000
    Team Rubicon – $25,000
  • You gotta love the man. Says things and carry them out. This is why he will win again in 2020.
  • Build the wall. Tunneling has already begun and still no wall. Hshaha.
  • Construction began this month. Say bye bye to them liberal voters. MAGA
  • It was announced months ago dude. Its starting in San Diego! Lol


  • Again source? Don't be spreading fake news porno. Your memes are funny, just like your facts. Company names so we can fact check you of actual started construction. Come on.
  • 70 miles of wall are already being constructed. Thats why Congress aprroved the $1.6 Billion down payment months ago. Its starting in San Diego.

    Bye bye to all the freeloaders and illegals who democrats always use to get votes from....MAGA
  • Sand Diego already has a wall since forever. Are you sure? Or fake news
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