Steve Bannon was President Donald Trump's ultra conservative strategist/advisor who (according to the Associated Press and the 8/19/17 Pacific Daily News), tried to urge President Trump to ignore North Korea's nuclear weapon sabre rattlings (as "only a side show"), and go instead after China with real, long term economic sanctions that would cripple and shrink back China's rise to economic super power status, including China's long standing economic support for North Korea that has enabled the North Korean Regime to develope and tested six nucelar weapons and uncountable rockets.

The enviable thing about Mr Bannon is that he is neither a politician nor a career diplomat nor civil servant to worry about re-election or promotions; he is a journalist by occupation which enables him to make unbiased or disinterested observations and recommendations. Among the ideas or recommendations he shares with President Trump's vision to "Put America First" is the exclusion of immigrants, the repeal of ObamaCare and a number of trade agreements they think are inimical to the US's economic interests, the restoration of American financial security and economic supremacy and the projection of American military might and prestige around the world without apologies to anyone.

Mr Bannon does not believe that the North Koreans' nucelar weapons build up poses any more threat to America than does the Russians' or the Chinese's existing and larger nuclear weapons programs. So he does not believe President Trump should be wasting time screaming and complaining everytime Kim Jong Hun's regime tested a new bomb or another missile.

Instead, Mr Bannon rightly argues that if the US really wants to shut down the North Korean nuclear weapon development program, the US should work with all of its economic allies, (Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, even India which had a recent border quarrell with China), to suspend all trades with China for the next five to ten years, and have all the American and allies companies, (i.e. Nike Shoes, McDonald's, Exxon, Boeing, Samsung, Australian minerals), pull out their investments. As Mr Bannon himself suggested, the US trade gap with China is about $347 billion, or about half of the US trade deficit with the rest of the world. And as the MIT and UCSD reportedly found, the US lost about 2.1 millions jobs because of Chinese import competition! As such, once the US suspends trades with China, there is a possible trade loss of $347 billions for China and a possible unemployment of 2.1 million Chinese to begin with. As President Trump himself pointed out earlier this year, China itself accounts for about 90% import into North Korea!

In other words, such a significant trade reversal and unemployment rate in China will cause a major economic implosion, resulting in a 90% economic meltdown in Kim Jong Hun's North Korea.

If President Trump had listened to Mr Bannon and allowed such economic steps to take place, it is very likely that within one year, Kim Jong Hun would no longer be able to import food to feed his nuclear generals and scientists; they may be forced to live on Ramen and Kim Chee for the next five years and very likely willing to trade their weapons for bread and butter, or give up their nuclear program altogether.

(The problem is that the American business community did not agree with Mr Bannon, but the Chinese President himslef realizes the gravity of Mr Bannon's suggestion and said US economic sanctions against China for North Korea's nuclear intrasigence is "unacceptable"!)

I happen to believe Mr Bannon had the right idea for a REAL albeit sterile solution to the North Korea problem.


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