Fiber Landing In Chuuk!!

While most people slept early this morning of 9/15/2017, the submarine fiber optic cable landed onto the Beach Man Hole at Kurassa vicinity.

Simultaneously, aerial fiber optic cable for distribution to the customers' premises are being installed.

Way to go Chuuk!


  • So, what are the benefit expected from the landing of the cable, economically, socially, medically, and educationally? And what are the negative consequences that we may experience? What benefit Faichuuk, North West, Mortlock, and Kuop will expect from the cable? Please enlighten us.
  • At last long sipue ne meseik ne anamota. Kinisou who ever deserves it.
  • Melvin, I'll let you do your own research on the benefits of broadband to economies of a particular state or nation. That is all over the web and I am sure you are capable enough to research it and come up with your own conclusions.

    Benefits to Faichuuk and other regions is the fact that the optical cable helps "bridge the digital divide" and brings the internet and all its scabs, pores and pimples closer to the populace.

    FYI, there is an upcoming project to extend 3G services to the Mortlocks and Northwest regions. The traditional plan is to link these islands to Pohnpei. Now with fiber in Weno, connectivity onwards to the WWW will be closer and faster over the planned 100Gbps link on the landed cable. Over satellite it is less than 1 Gbps.

    Do your own research on benefits and disadvantages so you will be well informed.
  • I am also notified that 3G is also now available from Tonachau cell tower on Weno. This surely brings faster data connectivity over cell but with the fiber landing and fiber to the premises project, 4G will be the next logical service.

    That just may be the case.
  • Juliet, I will just say thanks and no thanks.
  • coconut fiber also land in
  • Juliet, you are full of it. None of the outer islands of Yap and Chuuk will benefit from the fiber landings in both States. You tell me which outer island of Pohnpei has benefited from Pohnpei having fiber for nearly 10 years now. NONE!!!!!!!

    3G in Tonachau, the freakin' speed in Chuuk right will not support the speed you will be satisfied with while utilizing your cell phone. Even WiFi can hardly surpass any satisfactory speed let alone 3G.
  • What's the point of having fiber optic if the freakin bytes remains the same? we were better off with the 03B since no need pay fee, now fancy name for the same lousy speed.
  • There will be good and also bad things happening with the fast connection.
    access to online resources
    Khan University
    just to mention a couple.
    faster access to porn sites in the government offices
    access to bomb making
    say hello to short fat dictator Kim from North Korea.
  • Ina Chok, the fiber connection has not been activated. The physical side of the connection has landed in Chuuk however the internet has not been switched over from satellite to fiber.

    There are some details that need to be addressed before the fiber will go online. One major factor is that FSM needs to put up several million dollars of contributing funds before the fiber goes active.
  • So I don't get speed next week Snowden_691?
  • Ennet mwo sia mwatores ren ei fiber fiber hahaha
  • Kinen, the Open Access Entity that was supposed to be created to govern the fiber once the World Bank fiber grant project is completed has not been established.

    Freddy was opposed to the individual that was earmarked for the job as CEO for the Open Access Entity. Unfortunately, Freddy made some false claims about the individual which made our leadership question the decision to move forward with hiring this person.

    As I have mentioned previously, it is Freddy that is trying to sabotage this fiber project. It is regrettable that FSM Telecom has a say in this project as they are not even a contributor. The only thing they have done is play delay and stall tactics that is making Congress worry whether they made the right decision for liberalizing the market.

    We need to understand that FSM Telecom is a telecom provider and not a governing entity and should have no say in how the country wishes to move forward in its grand scheme of connecting the islands.

    Lastly, this guy was a failed economist who has no technical background whatsoever. He even falsely claimed he had a masters degree when he applied for his position as the marketing manager for FSMTC when in truth he failed to complete his masters degree program in Australia.

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    Thank you Snowden for this brief clarification on the OAE with regards to its creation as a mandate of the World Bank grant, as also alluded to by some folks during coffee break chats.

    I've also learned that the OAE board would determine what Tele Communications enterprise would utilize the Submarine Fiber Optic cable. Competition is good. But to this extend, how much survival rate would FSMs own FSMTC be and what profitability rate may FSMTC remain at?

    Do we want FSMTC to survive or not? Would we rather have a foreign entity come in and free ride on a grant intended and meant for FSMs economic progress through one of the primary component of an economic stimulant?

    Just a concern, my dear friend Snowden. As you've said, you've done your research, so you can assert some thoughts for the benefit of DOUBTFUL MINDS.

    Thank you.
  • What's the potential candidate's background in telecommunications is? Isn't this guy under some kind of controversy from his previous employment? Overheard some OAE supporters murmuring suspicion about the candidate.
  • Snowden I suppose fsmtc doesn't buy your claim of misdeeds at the corporation therefore it is going business as usual. I don't discredit your claim and I don't discredit fsmtc stance. I only wonder who will set the course straight so we, the people, don't miss out too long on the benefits of modern technology.
  • Kinen, I support your stance on hoping the course is set straight everyone benefits from modern technology.
  • sinbad, the liberalization of the market means competition of the telecom market thereby allowing customer potential benefit.

    The World Bank knows about FSMTC's inability to compete in a liberalized market therefore a proposal to have FSMTC control and maintain the infrastructure was put on the table. This basically means FSMTC becomes the facilitator of hardware and services while interested companies then compete with each other with a customer base.

    Freddy was not happy with this setup for no reason other than he would be missing out on whatever he feels he will miss out or lose out on so he has opposed this from the get go.

    As I mentioned previously, FSMTC should have no say in this project. They are biased and subjective and feel they will lose out any power they have had for the decades they have been a monopoly.

    I hope this provides some incite.
  • What happened to FSM congress, can it not look into the issue here and offer some solutions?
  • kinen, fsm congress has knowledge of the allegations that Freddy is accused of. Why they have not done anything about it, your guess is as good as mine.

    All I hope for is that my continued badgering regarding this subject will finally have results from either white collar, the AG Office, or Congress.
  • Checklist: Mark when action taken

    [ ] White Collar
    [ ] FSM Attorney General
    [ ] Congress

    [ ] FSMTC Board of Director

    May we hear from different views?
  • Can one of you FSMTC experts please explain to us these things:

    1) Is telecom fully liberalized now in the FSM?
    2) Is Freddy ready?
    3) Are we still on Track with Black?
    4) Does Rocket Man have marbles?
    5) Where is Romeo?

  • Where is Romeo? Heck, I'm still trying to find Waldo....
  • No need for double standard. Lets just all stick to the same principle and treat everyone fairly, in that way we can make the difference.....Think about the future.
  • Fiber landing! That will fix the constipation crisis there.
  • on what cause?
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