Its been confirmed that the obama administration had Trump wiretapped

Now CNN is admitting that the Obama administration had secrets court orders approved to wiretap the trump campaign during the elections. Trump said he was wiretapped, the media and left in general called him a crazy liar. They said Obama would not step on the constitution to do this but as it turned out today that Trump was right all along and the media and left were wrong.

Here is CNN story on admitting trump was right.


  • Some of the liberal leaning micronesians in here commented a few months back stating that Trump is a lying POS. And they cited CNN has the reason why Trumps claims were false. Now that CNN admitting a few hours ago that the wiretaps did happened what will be their excuses be? Obama did it for the good of the country? Obama did it to protect the elections? And now we know why Trump calls CNN fake news.
  • The FBI having a wiretap on Paul Manafort since 2014 is not the same thing as Obama putting a wiretap on Donald Trump.
  • Rastaman, I thought CNN is false news according to you and Pawnstar..
  • If this is true then this is scary. Trump is in some way been vindicated. I don't believe for one bit that this begun in 2014. The FBI claim this started in 14 but a couple of months back in March of this year the FBI through its director James Comey, whom Trump fired said on live T.V and under oath that Trumps claim about his campaign team being wiretapped were baseless and untrue. Now these new reports tell us that james comey lied under oath. Also the clapper who was the head of national intelligence also denied on t.v and under oath that trumps campaign was wiretapped. Weren't both james comey who was FBI Director and james clapper who was national intelligence director were Obama appointees?

    If both lied under oath and denied trump campaign wiretaps who is to say "it started in 2014" ? Also the FBI FISA order seeking permission for wiretap was in 2016. How can FBI say wiretaps started in 2014 when the fisa order came about in 2016. It simply does not add up.
  • Really Anunaki? Is that the only way to get a wiretap warrant ...through FISA?
  • I like how SAka go straight to ask about fisa yet try to ignore the facts that both obama appointed directors denied any wiretaps into trumps campaign team. FBI is responsible for federal law enforcement within America, so how did Comey not know about the wiretaps since he is the head of the FBI and must give to "green light" to proceed? How did Clapper not know when his agency is where every intelligence informations end up? And Anunaki you are right this is some scary shit.
  • SakaSaka, in this case it is. FISA is the only way for the Obama administration to get wiretaps since it involves allegations of a foreign conspiracy.

    This is what you missed, Mr. Comey told Congress in late March that he “had no information that supports those [Trump] tweets.” Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was even more specific that “there was no such wiretap activity mounted against—the President-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign.” He denied that any such FISA order existed.
  • Anunaki, a wiretap on the Trump Campaign or Trump himself is not the same thing as a wiretap on Paul Manafort.
  • Why would that be Richard, not the same when they're both wiretaps?
  • Wire tapped of Manafort occurred in Trump Tower--where he has office; and where Mr. Trump's campaign headquarter was located. So one wonders: if they were able to listen to Manafort, who else in the Trump Tower they were also able to listen to. Remember, it's electronic signals so it's easy to intercept; not landline.
  • Richard, wasn't Manafort Trumps campaign manager? The FBI claims the investigations on Manafort started in 2014. Yet only requested a secret FISA warrant for wiretaps when he got involved with Presidential candidate Trump in 2016. Why only in 2016 but not in 2014-2015. All these leaks in the media about Trump and Russia i will bet came from the wiretaps. Why did both the FBI and National intelligence Directors both lied under oath that no FISA or wiretaps ever happened?
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    FBI requested a secret FISA order in 2016, Justice department gave the go ahead and FBI carried it out. All these two departments of the US government were all under the Obama administration. Remember Obama said on national T.V not once but many times that Trump will never be President. Obama was banking on the wiretaps he knew the FBI placed on the Trump campaign.
  • Lol@Rasta....u guys are ridiculous
  • @SakaSaka...Thats the same thing they said when trump said he and his campaign was wiretapped by the Obama administration.
  • Its all unraveling what was hid in the dark by the previous administration is all coming into the light. Its also been revealed that in its last months in office the obama administration outed many people in the Trump administration, all the leaks concering Trump that came from unnamed sources all point to the wiretaps as the source of the leaks. Only in facist and Stalinist countries would a leaving president wiretaps the opposing partys presidential candidate
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    Oh my...image where is this all going to lead? All the leaders seem to be high on might...
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