Should Uncle Sam Backs Execution of Hussein?

Now that sentences had been passed and execution of the world reknown dictator is gearing up, many eyes focus on what Uncle Sam going to do. Will Sam uses the execution to boost his flailing party images and plunging foreign policies and agenda, or show the maturity of democracy and opt for a life-time lock-up sentence? Of course, it maybe too late for that, but the execution brings out a lot of issues which could undermine the basic fundamental of the question," who has the right to impose death sentences, or why single out Hussein when many other dictators historically killed more people than him. I think it would be noble that he's locked away or even rehabilitated. Clearly, th Sunis are capable to wreak havoc even without Hussein at the helm as Sam has seen and witnessed, but to use his execution to boost party morales or even personal vindetta is wrong. After all, he has nothing to do with 9/11 nor did he have WMD. The real threats to Sam is Iran and North Korea.


  • Hindzite:

    The clear conviction of Saddam Hussein by the Iragi Court does not have anything to do with the 9/11 incident nor does the possession of WMD. His conviction stems from the apparent killings of many innocent Iragis including children particularly the Kurds and the Shiites.

    The White House has cheerfully upheld the issued conviction which would result for the dictator's death by hanging as a sign of democracy for the suffering Iragi people under his iron reign. That means he deserves the death penalty!
  • To Onofek

    The method of capturing him was highly illegal wont you agree, because it was based largely on the war purported by 9/11 and WMD? And the legality of the court authority based on a whip up constitution, make possible by the aftermath of the war smelled fishy too. Of course, his crime against the Kurds and Shiites should be brought under the scrutiny of the World Crime Justice...not a local tribunal created by illegal means.

    No high court anywhere have any right to convict a murderer to death and that include the White House and killing Hussein hardly goint to instill and cement in democracy in Iraq. You should know that by now. Today Uncle Sam just realized why such people as Hussein evolved because no one country could ever bring peace to Iraq democratically speaking. Their conflicts been centuries old, much older than the birth of democracy.

    Killing him only brings out the true color of the US current administration, but not the true democracy. Justice hardly served by killing him...because the Iraqese themselves claimed there were peace under Hussein as suppose to the Occupation period.
  • As a christan I personaly don't support capital punishament.With the death of this dictator,I don't see much being accomplish.
  • The US soldiers should have killed him in the hole when they first found him with all them spam and money. eeee!!! Sadam and his two sons are worse than you can imagine!!!
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    If the americans would have killed him, that whould make us cold blooded killers just like him.
  • Don't I know that? If truth be told, the States has been doing worse thing than you and I can ever imagine. What do you called the Marshallese missle testing? Just another killing dressed up in fancy name!! We can walk down history lane, but I rather they just killed the dude and be done with it!!! He is just as bad as his brother Hitler!!! Yeah?
  • Such nonsense!

    To all the forumers in here who thinks Saddam Hussein should be killed by hanging let me ask you all these questions; what has he done to the United States that warrants his execution? Was it due to Iraq invading Kuwait back in the early 90's prompting the elder Bush to wage war claiming to be fighting for the Kuwaiti people's freedom while his true intention lies back in Houston's oil business? That's right forumers, Saddam taking control of Kuwait would have meant higher prices of oil and a reduction in shipments of oils to the Houston company co-owned by the Bush family. He vowed to never do business with any company out of Texas! As for the kuwaiti people's freedom, not an inch of it was lost due to Saddam's pullout but now those Kuwaiti people has to work for none other than Halliburton and other foreign companies profiting in the billions from their oil fields!

    Maybe the justification of his execution comes from the well thought out but frivolous notion fed to the world by the Bush Administration that Saddam possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. What better time to feed the public of such garbage than post 911. While the Bush Administration was toying with the media and the public, they were transporting some of Osama bin Laden's family members out of the United States and back to the middle east just hours before they went on the air and announcing the conflict with Saddam and his regime blaming them for the 911 fatalities. Off course, there were no WMD's found and the whole world now knows who was responsible for the 911 attacks! Whatever happened to the search for Osama?

    It is true that Saddam is responsible for the genocide of its own people and must be held liable for such inhumane acts but the enforcement of such laws and punishment has always been carried out by the International War Crimes and Inhumane party under the United Nations. Not by a bogus form of a democratic government whose constitution is still being written to this day. History has shown that Democracy never existed in that part of the world, nor will it work for those people simply because, their forms of government has always been either in a Dictatorship form or in a Authoritative form. They have never practiced democracy and events of late clearly shows how deep their conflicts are with or without Saddam Hussein!
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    Saddam, unlike Hitler and Stallin, did not kill millions of Jews or any race for that matter and you better care about the Bush Administration's motives because we have brothers and sisters from the FSM in that hell hole of Iraq fighting and dying for the advancement of those motives!

    Don't be ignorant to the facts!
  • JENE,

  • To BLOB:

    I think your questions are based on the political aspect of the issue: Kuwait, Oil, George Bush, Hitler, WMD, etc...

    You have to accept the fiction first: US has nothing to do with the trial; the Sovereign Iraqi Governmet is the one conducting the show...then...

    The conviction was straightforward: murder of some hundreds of Iragis by Saddam's order. He has not even been tried for the alleged genocide of the Kurds with Mustard Gas.

    If he is being hanged for the murder of a few hundreds, imagine what the penalty the Iraqi court would impose for the genocide charge.
  • Taxi-Womw

    Your point is straightforward and i do share it with you and others in this forum. I do not in any way condon the actions of Saddam Hussein as he is singlehandedly responsible for all his actions. I also favor the punishment that he has brought onto himself. As for the Sovereign Iraqi Government, we know what countries empowers and or influences them to make their decisions due to its infancy stage. They have made the right decisions for their fallen leader deservedly.
  • Blob, who cares what Bush motives are, our brothers are fighting because they are part of a system that protects our freedom, so we don't end up like oppressed people under those kinds of regime such as saddam and hitler. you really do not have any idea about the atrocities sadam and his two sons reaked on their own people. For example, did you know that if one of the son see a woman that he likes and she happens to be with her husband or boyfriend, guess what the son would do? Can you imagine? if not then let me know and I would tell you because these are facts, not imagination!!!

    Killing innocent people whether one thousand or 6 millions, whether jews or gentiles is killing Blob, KILLING is killing regardless!!!!! Saddam is going to die and his people are going to hang him, I can't wait for that day. I will go dance on the street and celebrate!!!
  • Waioooo, sorry Blob, Saddam just got hunged at this very moment!! May he meet with his maker in peace.
  • Dear
    Jene Hussain;

    What saddam's sons would do to you if they saw you with your boyfriend? You jene with many millions are being brainwashed by the media and George Bush and his Republican party's political orientation. I stand with Blob on this and I thank him for making two out of the FSM populace to stand against the US current administration. The administartion of G da Bush who thrives on adversity. Make no mistake about it. I am no ardent advocate for Saddam nor I am in a sense of favorable regard of Iragis sealing off Saddams fate. My faith as a christian has no different from what REETAL has brought forward and present to the mind. Ethically, if you put the breath of life to someone, you have all rights to take the breath of life back. Yes what Saddam did was wrong but I like to see you do right. So, Mrs. Hussain, today is the right time to do right.

    Apuwapwuwan Luier to you

  • Judas, that is why you are called judas, because you my friend are a betrayal to humanity just like saddam that is why you simply are blinded to his atrocities. Happy new year to you. I am glad that he is death, period!!!! You can't change that, you can't bring him back to life!!!
  • Dear Jene;

    It sounds like you have the inclination of support for the innocent victims and that is good thing to do. It is right to have indubitable love for all humanity, including Saddam Hussain. Moreover, true love forgives, overlooks all wrong done, accepts everyone, does not discriminate and has no enemy.

    If you have true love, Godly love, you cannot hate or even dislike anyone, whatever the reason. You may disagree, you may not like what they do, you may hate the sin they do, but you always love them as God's creation - Matt.5:43-45 - "Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust."

    Apuwapuwan Luier to you

    your friend
  • Jene

    I thank you for your comments and sinced you offered to let me know what kinds of person Saddam and his two sons were, it made me wonder if you are in the military or was in the military. I doubt that you were close to saddam or any of his family members to really know what kind of a person he really was.

    I never once posted that Saddam did not deserved to be punished for his atrocities, whatever form punishment is fair he should accept, which we all know now that he has! As for our freedom, Saddam never threatened our freedom simply because he could not! And as for being oppressed, Jene, when Saddam was still alive, did you felt that he might end up taking over Micronesia and the United States sometime in the near future? C'mon, let's be real!

    All in all Jene, i'm just looking at this issue from the other side of the spectrum across from you while coming to the same resolution!
  • Saving Saddam would've heralded the US Administration as the true steward of democracy at its finest form, where convicts and murderer are rehabilitated and capital punishments are avoided. Will justice today in Iraq be measured by the killing of Saddamn or the devatation brought about by the preemptive strike of the Coalition Force where deaths are measured in the hundreds of thousands and still climbing? Shall we turn our heads away from the killing of innocents today and focus only on those who died by the order of the dictator? So what if the brothers got away with murder, pillaging and rapes... or ..the Kurds were killed by poison. Who is going to stop the ravaging killings of dead squads or the ensuing civil wars in Iraq? Who will stand the World Criminal Tribunal charges when the conflicts finally subsided in Iraq, if anyone? Will you still dance the street while the death toll still rising and fast too lately? What would you be celebrating?
  • Judas, preach love to the surviving relatives of those saddam put to death and see how they will react, they might listen to you and love you to death for bringing love into their lives or again, they might spit in your face who knows? No one really knows what kind of mamal was saddam but again he is gone and thats all it matters. You folks, hindzite, blob, judas sound like good christians so happy new year to ya all. oh, yeah, I was in the military so just thought you should know that incase you wonder where my goofy feelings originates from. But then you wouldn't understand that because it is far easier to be a spectator than a participants uh?

    watching his execution kind of make me feel sorry for him, so I am not all that bad you know what I mean? eeeee!
  • Jene

    I wouldn't call your feelings goofy, you are entitled to your opinions just like the rest of us. Like i posted before we just happen to look at this situation from a different perspective, that's all. There are numerous ways of achieving goals or solving problems. Hindzite just reinforced my point on this matter. There is no difference between Saddam and those militia groups in Iraq today going around killing innocent people to further their cause, and that goes for both sides, the Sunnis and the Shiites.

    As for the spectator vs. participants issue: you should get to know who you're talking to before you make such baseless statements or accusations. As a veteran from the Gulf War, i have been on both sides of this issue before Jene, both as a participant and a spectator!
  • I wish to thank you for comments regarding Micronesians in the Armed Services. And I want wish them the best of luck. Saddam is history. Life must go on and so must freedom. It is easier for someone sitting on the "okole" ( the ass ) and talk shit about Micronesia (humans) in the field. When one challange the
    Micronesians at Arms...They have no true colors.

    All they can do is whine, complain, talk nonesense, and hopefully die like Saddam Hussein
  • Jene you made us to believe that you actually witness the execution...and thats misleading. And for those of you who are too quick to judge Blob and I, I'd even be careful too because you do not know where we had been too. Only when one sees the worse of wars that he therefore veying for the ultimate: global peace. At this time and age, there shouldnt be any war because it puts men back to the stone age era where he didnt know anything better. What is modern man's excuse for war or to dictate life today? And, does killing or taking of ones life really solve anything politically? This is high level thinking for Blop and those who truly earn for world peace and human's existence. Not for petty officers or private like some of you.
  • Boring reading, aren't the petty officers who get the job done?
  • Gentlefolks of the forum:

    I believed there is but only one who grant the ultimate justice and he is not of this world. Every hands and every souls who ever had anything to do with the execution would be judged accordingly. His way is grander and fair. Remember, he uses the weak to shame the mighty; he uses the poor to ridicule the rich; the dump to shame the intelligent; all these to show man that no one is greater but only through his mercy. And Mercy is what's we failed to acknowledge. Remember Apostle Peter? He killed innocents, young and old, rich and poor, and even allowed his soldier to pillage, rape and killed the christans. His crime was even worse... but when he was shown the truth, he turned 180 degrees around and became the greatest desciple ever to save life even to this day.

    The execution has turned saddam into a martyr for the islams, whom have been labeled all kinds to justify the Occupation continuing war.
  • Stoix:

    I do wonder why he was named Saddam...was it because he was So-damn-in-sin? Too bad that he didn't have the chance to meet Apostle Peter so he too could turn 360 degrees.

    Happy New Year!
  • Stoix, I know it was Paul, not Peter, yeah?
  • Thank you Stoix for saying that Mercy is what we fail to acknowledge. I can not agree more.
    Anyway, I wish you a happy new year and may the lord continue to fill you with knowledge and lead you in every journey of your life.
  • Well, I am afraid I'm one of those who fail to see the role of MERCY in the whole Saddam issue. What strucks me is the IRONY of the whole thing, the ending (toppling, capture and execution) in relations with the beginning (American support for Saddam's Government).

    From the European News Television clippings of the Saddam execution, one readily sees that irony. The people who were supposed to represent the Iraqi government conducting the execution, i.e. putting the rope around the former dictator's neck, were hiding behind masks for fear of repraisals.

    But Saddam himself, wearing a black suit and white shirt, combed hair, and refusing to wear a hood, actually looked like a movie star, fresh from a beauty parlor. He looked well groomed, even looked like he had a good sun tan. He did not look scared either. In fact, he was exchanging his executioners in small talks the same way FSM politicians often try to please bystanders with empty chat before they step onto the plane.

    Watching Saddam in his last seconds of life, one wonders if his body language was that of a person actually looking forward to the trip or that of a person already given up hope a long time ago and only putting the best appearance he can under the circumstances.

    The greatest irony is in the American Government's Post Cold War relationship with Saddam Hussein from the begining and the way that relationship ended in Mr Hussein's execution. The overall American relationship with Saddam Hussein might be a worthwhile lesson in the complex, complicated world of American foreign policy that our Micronesian leaders might want to be kept abreast of.

    Under President George Bush Sr and his Secretary of State, James Baker, the US Government was actually supporting Saddam Hussein for two major goals: (1) to defeat the radical Iranian Revolution started out by Ayatollah Komehini (that imprisoned American diplomats at the US Embassy in Terhan) and (2) to help ensure the stability in oil supply to the Western World. Because there was no longer a Communist threat at that time, those were the two major goals of American policies and support of Saddam Hussein's government.

    American support for Saddam Hussein's Government was far generous than American support to the FSM in comparison.
    It included authorization by the Bush Sr White House for the US Dept of Agriculture loan underwriting program to undewrite billions of dollars of loans to the Saddam Government. Loans were made through the Italy National Bank, through a branch in Atlanta, Georgia. Loan proceeds were used to purchase conventional weapons for Saddam's eight-year war against the Iranians and for development of Saddam's other weapons and techonological programs, including chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Because the US was trying to hide its support for Saddam, weapons were procured from different suppliers and manufacturers in Canada, South America, Europe.

    Technological spare parts that could be argued not weapon related were supplied by American suppliers and billed or consigned to the Government of Jordan to get around US Customs restrictions on export of strategic technologies. The Government of Jordan would then deliver the goods to Mr Saddam's government and get paid by the Bank of Italy. A very convenient arrangement allowing the American Government plausible denial of any involvement.

    (In a federal court case against the Atlanta Branch Bank, the US Government first denied any direct knowledge of the use of US financing for Saddam's weapons programs and later decided to settle the case to keep the extent of US involvment out of public knowledge. But all those are already public knowledge through a book from a reporter of the London Times who, as a Jew, decided to track down and expose the whole scheme which he believed would have serious implications for the security of Israel). Mr Friedman's Book, SPIDER WEB: The Secret History of the White House Illegal Arming of Iraq, is a nonfiction, with footnotes and exhibits of authentic documents and pictures of all the main characters like President Bush Sr himself. It is 100% factual and far more intriquing than any of the Tom Glancy espionage fictions. )

    The toppling of Mr Saddam's Government under the Presidency of Bush Sr's son, Bush Jr., is already well known. Even the involvement of Secretary Baker in the recent Iraq Study Group to recommend American policies over the current mess in Iraq was a curious, suspect development.

    Secretary Baker was not only the Bush Jr top strategist during the 2000 US election recount mess in Florida; He is also a major stockbroker in Exxon, which has substantial investments in Iraq, just like in Saudi Arabia. One of the curious recommendations from Mr Baker's Iraq Study Group is the suggestion that resolution of the current American mess in Iraq should involve American support for an Israeli withdrawal from the Arabl lands Isreal is accused of occupying. A lot of people do not understand why Mr Baker's Report would go outside its assignment scope and recommends a compromise in Isreal's security interest. Is Mr Baker trying to safeguard his investments in the Arabl world now that the US Government has toppled a Iraqi Government?

    Nobody knows for now. The only thing certain is that Mr Saddam's execution is just one minor step in the overall American-Middle East geopolitical equation that just happens to involve two American presidents from the same family and their political and business partners.
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    Taxi Womw, are you saying that Saddam is still alive?
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