Anyone know whether it's true that the World Bank Grant for the FSM has been trashed?

I heard from a good source that some of our leaders have decided not to move forward with the grant even though much of the submarine cable has already landed in several areas of the FSM. Wonder how this will pan out if it really is the case?


  • I haven't heard this. Is there an FSM official we can contact to confirm/deny it?
  • Hi RichardAndrewClark, I heard it from a credible source however I need to verify whether this is true. Unfortunately, this is a sensitive issue which I do not think many would take lightly to me poking around.

    That said, if this is true, then I feel very much for the 3 States of the FSM that will be negatively affected by this decision.

  • If this is true, then my post from 3 months ago has unfortunately unfolded.
  • Snowden, how happy you are! and how sad it is that you so much want the telecommunications system in FSM fail!

    Sadly for you Snowden, and fortunately for FSM, the submarine fiber optic cable laying project which is the primary part of the World Bank grant is very much progressing. In fact representative(s) were just in Chuuk last week to witness the arrival of that.

    By the way, Snowden, why hasn't Freddy been arrested after all the accusations going out against him? Perhaps they are just ways to tarnish his and his family's image?

    Happy Weekend all!
  • Sinbad, your opinion of my actions are erroneous and at the very least, ill conceived. It is because I care about the FSM that I have led this crusade against tyranny and corruption.

    As for the family image you mentioned, I know things about both Freddy and the Congressman that you would ever know so I will let that remark slide.

    Read the beginning of my post, I mentioned that the fiber has landed in some areas of the FSM however things might go sideways if our leaders actually decide to trash the project. By this, I mean that conditions need to be met before the fiber project is actually implemented. One of these conditions are for the liberalization of the telecom market.

    That said, one of the most vocal individuals for the opposition of liberalization of the telecom market is Freddy. If you know anything about business, it is to embrace competition in order to increase sales and to expand the market. So if this Freddy continues to go down this road, who do you think is the one that doesn't care about the people of FSM.

    Small minds shouldn't be running a multi-million dollar company, especially one that would rather spend his full time renovating his houses while he lets FSM Telecom run on auto pilot.

    Lastly, I do research and I ask questions before I comment. I suggest you do the same.
  • You are correct, Snowden, I should ask questions and do research. And so the question I am still waiting on your reply to is why Freddy hasn't been arrested for the accusations
  • By the way, thank you
  • Sinbad, from what I have been informed, only the CEO or the Chairman of the Board for FSM Telecom can approve the dissemination of corporate information.

    So as you can see, we are all at an impasse. The CEO won't rat himself out and the Chairman of the Board is the CEO's in-law in which case, he is no longer objective in his decision making capacity as the protector of the corporation.

    Culturally speaking, how would it reflect on the chairman if he chooses to hang is in-law out to dry? In this case, he chose to go in the direction of protecting his in-law because the policies of FSM Telecom protects them from divulging any information of their choosing.

    I hope this answers your question.
  • So no one has formally reported these allegations, if true.

    Why haven't you done so, Snowden, after all your research?

    This is a public corporation. Why hasn't it being audited? Is it exempted?
  • sinbad, from what I have been informed, there is actually an ongoing investigation at white collar crime, however it is being hampered by FSM Telecom's unwillingness to provide any information.

    As for an audit, it seems the powers that be have decided to ignore this issue.

    If only FSM Telecom could be audited by Pohnpei State Auditor which has done an exemplary job of prosecuting white collar corruption.

    I know someone would see that Deloitte and Touche is auditing FSM Telecom however these audits are specific to what FSM Telecom requests which means it is not a full audit.

    You don't need a PHD to see what is going on. Unfortunately, the Board for FSM Telecom, which our leaders have entrusted to be responsible for the corporation have decided to ignore this issue out of their trust an admiration for the chairman.

    Don't get me wrong, the chairman is a nice fellow. However, when it comes to family, I guess culture and tradition takes precedence over duty.
  • O Snowden I could feel your frustration. I hope the board would see it from a different perspective. The board could take it to the next level and show the people that that trust and admiration are not only personal but professional at the same time.
    For all the reasons Chuuk St should secede the federation.
  • Keep it rolling, Snowden. Most definitely, no PhD necessary. So in essence it is the board to blame since they are ignorant of the actual misdeeds. Or is it?
  • sinbad, from what I have been receiving, in terms of information, the board has specific knowledge of Freddy's actions. Unfortunately, since the chairman can strong arm the board, he has basically influenced the direction the board will take in regards to Freddy.
  • Oh...(pause)....MY....(pause).....GOD!!!

    Who may the board members be! Board as in BORED, hahahaha
  • FSM Telecom practices Obstructionism: the act of intentionally stopping or slowing down an official process.
  • Snowden_691: Whining on this forum about this isn't going to do anyone any good. For the sake of all concerned, you should channel your passion against Freddy into something that can move mountains.

    Now go find a mountain and figure out how to move it.
  • coconuts, I don't whine, I comment. For your info, this is the mountain I am trying to move.

    As for you, the saying goes that "ignorance is bliss". Fortunately for you, it seems to describe you to the letter. You seem to be always in a blissful state with no worries whatsoever.

    I on the other hand lean more towards "knowledge is power". What use is all this knowledge if I am unable to address this wrong that has hindered progress in the FSM?

    You are probably satisfied with how things operate in this great nation of ours but I for one believe there is much more to gain than from having a corrupt and selfish individual at the helm of what used to be a great corporation in the FSM.

    Tell me this, what is stopping us from having the exact same services as Guam or better yet, any where in the world? It is the ineptitude of the leadership within FSM Telecom along with the fact that the CEO continues to be absent on a daily basis.

    So go ahead and be ignorant while the rest of us fight for a better FSM in our own way and form.
  • Coconuts, my comments have had positive effects.

    I drove by FSM Telecom this morning as well as afternoon and to my surprise, the CEO was actually at work. This is a huge milestone.

    So as you can see, my whining has moved a small hill in the right direction. Now I just need to move a mountain in the form of getting this no account removed from a corporation he has coined as his own.

  • Snowden_691 check out the Statue of Limitation it may help your argument a little bit, but bragging and Double standard is just not the right principle for the situation you are trying to argue about. You need to cool down for you are deadly wrong. You need to be found, I think your lost more telecard and text to win Im sure that will help

  • Hi Gladiator,

    I may have digressed a little however I am not wrong. Statute of limitations may or may not adhere to the expulsion of a certain individual yet this does not take away from the fact that there is or was a wrong doing.
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