Are we prepare for the year 2023 in the FSM?

what's the most important source we have and who will fund it?


  • This is a terrific question, Gladiator. I would suggest that FSM as a whole is not prepared for 2023 yet, but I know from experience that Pohnpei State Government and Pohnpei Department of Education are making serious strides to prepare for it.

    I believe that Compact negotiations start relatively soon, but I can't cite a date.
  • Sound great if, and I say only IF there is a negotiation. I think all FSM states should be more concern about what they can do when time come, instead of asking Congress for funding. I really think we all should concern about that. without the compact we can not get things done the way it should be. We need to invite more nations into our country and start businesses that can give jobs to our people, we are spoiled by them, the Western civilization! That just my point of view, but what I'm really concerning about that, you see without Social security and Health care we will collapse and there will be chaos created by the people, we can not survive that way. All I'm saying is we need to prepare and we need good leaders...thanks
  • While it sounds like a feel-good goal to say that the small island nations of Micronesia can be economically self-sufficient or economically independent from the US's handouts, the truth and reality is that the islands are just too small with small population and small amount of natural resources and far away from the shipping lanes to become economically viable.

    Even the more developed island like Guam is not economically viable; it must depend on annual infusion of federal cash to keep its government afloat and operational.

    I think the sooner we accept this fact, the better. We've been blaming ourselves with different reasons why we are not economically self-sufficient yet. The US should not expect us to be really self-sufficient. This reality should have been recognized from the beginning; so that we have had to approach our relationship with the US's financial assistance in a different way.

    On or about 2023, if there is no infusion of additional cash from the US to these islands, the Trust Funds will not be sufficient. This will lead to schools being closed; hospital services being curtailed; local economy being shrunk; and a big exodus of Micronesians from Palau thru the FSM states and the Marshall Islands will migrate to Guam, Hawaii and other US jurisdiction.

    I think the sooner we recognize the fact that small island nations just cannot be economically viable, the sooner our governments will be approaching the US governments to make accomodations and adjustments for future strategies. Just my thoughts on this nice evening in Pohnpei.
  • Gladiator, the answer is no. marc. Zzzzzzzzzzz. If we're not prepared, then fsm will simply sell itself to the highest bidder. Learn Chinese my friend. Dependency is what we have been conditioned to accept as normal.
  • FSM cannot "simply sell itself" even if it wanted to. FSM has a security agreement under COFA that has an "indefinite" duration until mutually agreed to terminate by both FSM and the US. So FSM cannot unilaterally tries terminated the COFA or to sell itself to China or anybody else.
  • If no more money from USA, then how long do you think efesem will wait before pulling her skirt up and showing china more leg? I predict, 3 seconds after midnight 2023 or whenever the actual date is. That security agreement will be as worthless as used toilet paper.
  • That Marc , you really need to reconsider those words. The compact is the only thing binding US and FSM and if we don't renegotiate then, options like red snapper idea might be in effect. The main purpose here is to find solutions and the answer is not NO or YES either, its who you are that make it possible.
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