Las Vegas Shooter-Terrorist was a Democrat

Evidences are now pointing that the terrorist who shot and killed 59 people and wounded 500 more was a Democrat supporter and a staunch anti trump. Pictures of him are now circulating the web of him taking part in a anti trump rally. This is the 3rd time a Democrat or liberal supporter has went on a shooting spree killing people whom they thought were republicans. Congressman that was shot was shot by a Bernie sanders supporter, man stapped to death on train by a hillary supporter now this.


  • Thanks for those "facts". I just checked the national nazi daily news and it ran the same story. Orangutan is proud of you! You are very fine people
  • Its sad to see the Democrat party and its followers chosing the path of violence. Black lives matters then antifa now this.
  • Like Rex said my boss is a moron. Can't stop laughing at that. Just about sums up what every member of his cabinet thinks of their orange monkey. Including pence.
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    On more recent matter pictures of the left wing terrorist that killed 59 people have been confirmed that the terrorist attended a anti trump rally and he was looking for conservatives and christians to kill. The media is not reporting this because it shows that another one of their liberals sheeps has committed the worst massacre in modern US history.
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    Photos of liberal terrorist at anti trump rally, this is the guy that shoot and killed 59 people at las vegas. He was a Democrat!
  • What a freaken moron! I hope he slowly suffer in hell.
  • @Rastaman It's been proven that the Las Vegas shooter has no ties to the photo you posted above. Nice try tho.
  • According to politifacts and snope right nesian691. Whu deny he wad a Democrat that was inspired by hate that is being broadcasted by the Rachel meadow show. Deny deny but facts says different.
  • Moron facts strike again. Hahaha
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    Sad ha reds that your party memebers are the real nazis ha.
  • Rasta...if you are an american living in saipan, why are you flooding à forum meant for micronesians? Don't americans have their own forums to discuss liberal/Conservative issues on?
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    I am an American of Kosraen-Micronesian descend ina chok, parents from Kosrae a state in FSM, born and raised and living in Saipan or NMI, a country in the region of Micronesia. Micronesia forum!
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    Countries of Micronesia

    Northern Mariana islands
    Marshall islands

    This forum is for all micronesians! Not just the liberal micronesians.
  • One correction, Guam and CNMI are not countries. They’re territories of USA, owned possessions. The end.
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    According to the world atlas and and Wikipedia{} , palau, guam, nmi, Kiribati, fsm, rmi and nauru are countries located in the region of micronesia. It's always a pleasure to teach you something reds, always. If anything make some more ignorant comment. So i can enlighten you, bigly.
  • You can't even link to a Wikipedia article which says what you say it says. Even in your link, Guam is not mentioned. And your link has two subsections. The first does not even include CNMI, although the second subsection does include the CNMI. When you go to the CNMI Wikipedia page, it makes it abundantly clear that the CNMI is a Commonwealth of the United States. So no, Wikipedia does not say Guam and the CNMI are countries. Click on the link yourself. As far as the world atlas is concerned, was your copy printed before the end of the war?

    Either learn to tell the truth, worshipper of Haile Salasi, or find better information to support your lies.

    BTW, Nazi, the Clark County, Nevada sheriff has stated categorically that their investigation reveals that the shooter had NO religious or political affiliation. NONE. So no, lying Nazi, Pollack was not a Democrat, not a Republican, not a Muslim and apparently not a Christian. You made up a lie, or found the lie on one of your Aryan white supremacist websites, and repeated it. You care about the truth just about as much as the Orange-u-tang.

    Why don't you just crawl back into your hole in Saipan, and play with your AR-15?
  • Well at least ur half micronesian. Saipan is in the region, but people from there ain't micronesians.
  • I suggest you look at your passport if you have one. Guam and cnmi born are US citizens. You need help Rasta man. I’m serious you need help.
  • People from Guam and Saipan are Micronesians. These islands are Micronesian islands. They fall into the geographical area called Micronesia. Yes, political status are different but they are still Micronesians.
  • When did Saipan and Guam gained their independence from US?
  • No ones questioning its geographic location in Micronesia. Dumb moron said it’s a country.Now I have proof all morons are related to the chief moron, as tillerson says is orange monkey. Who resides at the child day care as corker says. Hahahahah Marc stop explaining stupid people to us. Just like everyone has to explain what stupid orangutan means because he says so much stupid things. Mouth fires before brain processes anything. I’m assuming he has a brain.
  • Guam is a territory and Northern Marianas is a commonwealth; they are part of the US as far as political relationship goes. But their geographical location makes the two as Micronesian islands; and many of their indigenous people consider themselves as Micronesian US citizens. Just like you have Melanesia, Polynesia--we have Micronesia.
  • Yeah, but is cnmi a country? Please help educate your boy Rasta.
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    Guam: guamanians; Saipan: saipanese. FSM: micronesians. Logic? Canada: Canadian; Brazil: Brazilian; USA: american.
    Why? Only USA has america in its country name. Only FSM has Micronesia in its country name.
  • So why are debating as to whether or not a Saipan-born person whose parents are Kosraeans can be expressing his opinion in this Micro Forum? After all, aren't there a lot of people who are not Micronesians who are also posting in this Forum? I haven't heard that Micro Forum is exclusively for Micronesians.
  • The FBI says it so it must be true according Sarem Chuuk, within 2 days the fbi concluded the investigations but for almost 10 months and counting still can't find any evidences of collusion. Yeah ill believe the FBI.

    The mans fscebook which showed he followed democrat leaders pages disappeared all of a sudden. Google records of him liking and searing democrats pages also wiped clean from google same day FBI concluded its investigations. Ill believe the FBI.
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    Ina chok, chamaros on guam are micronesians.

    Canada is a country with a commonwealth status with the UK. So is canada also called united kingdom too? What about australia? Or Jamaica?

    Saipan or NMI is a country in the pacific. Its called the Northern Mariana islands not United States of northern Mariana islands. NMI is a country with commonwealth affiliation or political union with the US. No different than canada or Australia in their relationship to UK.
  • All these left wingers using nazi name calling but don't know what they be talking about.

    In world news california a left wing state punish people for intentionally killing people with guns or unintentionally. Yet their left wing governor just made it no longer felony crime for people with HIV who intentionally infect others with the incurable virus. Meaning its now ok to carry out virus warfare in California. Only in a liberal state.
  • So who is the president of the cnmi? Moron.
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