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  • Blue House is history. Let's leave it at that.
  • Sorry to say, but that is the lowest. You lost your humanity.
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    Those cops were send to prison and the korean lady died in jail.
  • This is not about the Blue House case if took the time to read the header.
  • So chuukese sold those chuukese girls to the blue house?
  • There was no sex trafficking by any Chuukese, I just want to make that clear. These poor girls were lured to Guam under the pretense and promise of legitimate employment. To their surprise and horror, they were forced into the sex trade and exploitation. The Chuukese girls are more sophisticated and they know better than you might think, unless of course you know a thing or two that I am not aware of.
  • One of the girls said her uncle was the one who convinced her to leave chuuk and go to guam and work in that bar.
  • I've been around Chuukese who bring relatives and made them work for crumps. They made them so depend on them they don't even know their credit worth or how to move out.
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