California has become a sanctuary state!

Progress from the party if progress. This law signed by the uber liberal governor of California makes califa a state that support and pay and also protect illegal immigrants from the law they broke. This law prohibits owners from reporting the illegals who live in their buildings and prohibits employers from allowing immigration officials from checking if the workers are illegals. This law also prohibits law enforcement from carrying out their duties like deporting illegals or making background checks. The democrats in California are protecting their base of the popular vote.


  • Congratulations California for not giving in to orange morons hysteria. Love smart states
  • ICE and other federal authorities are till arresting and deporting illegals in California despite browns signing this law.
  • That’s their job moron.
  • Despite California signing that law making entire state a sanctuary state to protect the democrats popular voters. Federal laws trump state laws, ironic aint it. Signing a law that the feds don't follow.
  • The honorable Rasta, president of the cnmi. Commonwealth of the northern Mariana’s Idiot.
  • You must be a resident of California reds, childlike comment from a liberal not to mention a resdient of California.

    California liberal logic
    Criminalized using wrong gender pronouns yet decriminalized the international spreading of HIV. What is going on in those liberal progressive minds over there in California?
  • Thats a question ill defer to the liberals in here.
  • Im a resident of California and some of us are not liking this idea of Mr. Brown.
  • Then vote them out. That’s more useful than complaining in here.
  • This coming election i hope brown gets voted out. Him and that fool Maxine waters. I may be a democrats but i agree with many of the things Donal trump is doing.
  • California, the state that isn’t frightened of dishwashers, Farm workers and housemaids. 1% of the people should own 38% of the wealth. I think this is a state Jesus would be happy to visit his compassionate people. Unless Jesus is republican then he wouldn’t like CA. Hahahaha.
  • Any sources to back up those claims red snapper?

    I think jesus would ban himself from California and move to Texas like many Californians are doing at the moment.
  • Retraction made accordingly. See this is how it should be, you get questioned then you fact check and then correct your posting. But you never stick with bs and then defend bs. Iron youth is a good forum member.
  • Like you when you defend bs right. FSM has a law that prohibits foreigners from owning land or against people who overstay their visas and laws against illegal immigrants. Should these laws be abolished?
  • I'm a Democrat supporter yet i agree with Trumps border agenda. Its not about gardeners or housemaids or being afraid of them is about securing the border. What is wrong with that? If those maids and gardeners and farm workers came legally then no problem but if illegally then thats when there is a problem.

    You want to be part of the 1% then work for it, don't sit around expecting a handout. Go get it.
  • If jesus was to visit California he would label it the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Yeah, because republican Jesus is a hater like your orange monkey.
  • Hey hillary lost get over it.
  • I’m glad she lost. But you said you know what Jesus would label CA. you, the simple micsem member “knows what Jesus thinks? You’re an idiot.
  • You see IronY, red bangs left and right at will and not being banned. How would that be possible?
  • Jesus would ban himself from cali and dub it Satanifornia. Democrats like reds give all democrats bad name. We lost the election is that simple move on.
  • For the OP....
    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

    ― Socrates

    When people start calling you names like you're a idiot or you're a nazi or you're a white supremacist, this tells you that they have lost the debate.
  • For the 5th time morons, I’m a republican! I did feel the Democrats had a better handle on moving the country forward. I never like Hillary after the server and bill meeting the AG at the airport.
    I believe in personal responsibility, less government where it is not resulting in poor or disadvantaged people getting impacted. And I don’t support s orange monkey because he’s everything I don’t want in leader. In face he’s a morojust like the chef of staff said.
  • " i believe in personal responsibility" yet want you want free things. "Less government" yet obama enlarged the government one example of this is obama care. I find it amazing because trump is standing for and enforcing Republican core policies and making the federal government smaller an example of this he gave the states the right to enforce their own laws with regards to allowing or not allowing men to use womens bathroom.

    Get over it red snapper our party lost. Because the last president, the black monkey cared more about his legacy than the party. Lost faith in that black monkey when he didn't bring the troops home like he promised.
  • You must be in drugs iron. What free stuff I’m asking for? What part of less government your dumbass can’t comprehend? My party lost? I’m republican moron! Black monkey? You racist nazi! Prove to me your orange monkey isn’t orange. Troops home? How many have been returned since idiot bush attacked the wrong. Country? Your stupidity is superior. Take a bow.
  • Welfare and healthcare is the free stuffs im talking about. And yes your and my party lost. We must move on. You want less government yet want government controlled healthcare, that is more government not less government. Now im racist nice this from a orange monkey name caller. Prove me obama black monkey ain't black. And obama didn't bring no troops home, he enlarged the conflicts in middle east and send more troops to 6 to 7 other countries and send more troops to Afghanistan. Didn't black monkey copied bush and made his own troop surge in Afghanistan.
  • I think ironicyouth is Rasta reincarnated. It’s one think to fix a broken system, and another to not be creative to fix it or improve it. Instead orange monkey wants to sabotage it and make millions that can’t afford the crazy cost of insurance actually lose it to spite the black president who at least tried. Presidents fix things, they don’t deliberately hurt people’s. A replacement first. Since no leadership to do that, he goes to plan B, just break it regardless of the millions who need it. Orange monkey has special place in hell, I believe. Just not acting like a president instead acting like a no ideas baboon.
  • So its a lie that black monkey did send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan in 2009? Is it also a lie that black monkey widened U.S involvement in mid east? Are these lies? Because i looked up google and cnn told black monkey did these.

    If rastaman was still here i would agree with some of his thoughts. Trump is fixing black monkey mistakes. Forcing us the people to apply to obama care and if we don't we get penalized. Get over it our party lost and obama care is now gone.
  • Ironic youth, what was the numbers before black mamba became president and what is it end of last year. Then rephrase your stupid comment!
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