Any news on the status of Chuuk's Infrastructure Projects

Please update us on the status of Chuuk's Infrastructure Projects (Weno Road, Bridges on Causeway and Peniesene, Public Schools). What ever happen to the funding that was appropriated for the road up to Xavier High School in Sapuk? What happen to the road in Tunnuk from Nantaku out to Tunnuk? If I am not mistaken there was funding appropriated by the Chuuk State Legislature.

If someone would update us on the infrastructure Projects for they are important to the well being of our state.

Kilisou Chapwur


  • CIP, Capital Improvement Project. In Chuuk CIP is translated into Chari, Imweni, Punuweni. Spend the money on food, build your house, and set aside some for your honey. That is the status of your projects in Chuuk.
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