Is it true that Chuuk Office of Immigration will be relocated to Mwan, Neouo the former CPUC office?

Is it true that the chuuk office of immigration will be relocated to the old CPUC office or the Sas compound? If this is true then does it make sense for the office to be located far away from town area? Us people will be affected if we are going to renew our passports for it is far from the other offices in town. It will be costly for the people.

Is there a reason why the office of immigration will be relocated? Is it merely political manuvering by the politicians? If so then we will be greatly affected and not definitely the landlords for they are the ones benefiting from this manuvering.

If someone would enlighten us on the rumors please. I have called the offic of immigration but they did not confirm nor deny any of the rumors.

Kilisou Chapwur


  • That would be a very bad idea to move away from where they are actually need to be. You mentioned passports and the like, but other critical things like being out of sight of the port of entry (boatpool), the airport in our beloved Iras Village, customs office, and other public agencies. It is inconvenient, costly and less accessible. Let's boycott this move.

  • Lets let the National Government Division of Custom and Immigration office decided.

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput
  • kepwan efich

    It ain't the Division of Custom and Immigration its the Office of Immigration and Labor. Yes they get to decide am only sharing my concern.

  • Its been mastermind by those guys in the chamber at palikir, ..
  • Therefore; vote YES on separation.
  • imagei think that's not a good idea
  • Inquire about the purpose of the relocation before you boycott
  • why relocate in the first place? The location is ideal for the airport, seaport and off course the people going between the court houses, fsm finance and immigration for processing of passports. If the office of immigration is moved then the people will be more affected. If they use the national police office break in as an excused then what more if the offices are out and far away from the town area.

    I just hope that whatever decision the bosses make will be for the benefit of all, not just ke pach ke tento.
  • President Peter Christian decides where the offices will go. And where they go depends on his friends' assets.
  • One good side of the move is that its hel[s the taxi services to push up the income. The only problem is if its not tax paying business operation for
    the states.
  • They should check carefully maybe that's just another branch office to serve the people from south plus the southern namoneast region as well. Just a thought.
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