Is Sarem Chuuk the new administrator for this forum? Someone should bring back Father Hazel and so he can see how this forum new administrators are censoring users with conservative views. Why was Rastaman banned?

No warning but straight up ban. With factsmatters and pawnstar you gave them a second chance. The administrator said no paste and post only original ideas, Rastaman wasnt pasting discussions yet he was banned. Rastaman wasn't using profanity or vulgar languages or racial slurs yet he was banned. I see redsnapper using profanities and borderline racial slurs yet he is still here. If Sarem Chuik is the new admin why is he censoring those users who have opposite political views from him and doing nothing to those who are in agreement with him?

Is Micronesia forum now censoring freedom of speech of those who are not in line with the political views if its administrators? Is Micronesia now a police state? Does Micronesia not allow free speech now?

Rastaman only made 6 new discussions not 900 oe thousands like pawnstar or factsmatters. He wasn't flooding this forum like those 2 yet he was banned. Is it because he called out the new administrator sarem chuuk for being a jew which he admitted that he is? And never did Rastaman used racial slurs yet he was banned. Was it because he was Christian? What is going on? How can we have civil discussions when the opposition which the admin does not agree with is censored? All the profanities and racial slurs in Rastaman discussions were all coming from those of the so called liberal micronesians.

Is this forum taking the same path has the many campuses in America where the rights of those with conservatives views are being silenced because their school board is of the liberal stance.

Can we get a explanation why rastaman was banned yet profanity and racial slur commenter redsnapper is still not banned. For the sake of being unbiased transparency the administrator must and should bring rastaman back. If not it will show us all that this forum admins are one sided, biased and like in America now liberal and are censoring those of the conservative stance.


  • Did admin really ban Rustaman? I'll be damned.
  • Yes, Sarem Chuuk banned him this morning. When F.Hazel was the admin he always give warning and state his reason for warning any user. Is this how its done now days in this forum? You have different political views from the one Sarem Chuuk has and poof your gone. Admin Sarem allows his fellow to use profanity and borderline racial slur terms but banned Rastaman for original ideas discussions. Allowing his fellow like minded members to curse insult but banned someone for debating without using racial slurs or profanity. Was is because he was a self proclaimed conservative Christian? Was it because he called admin sarem Chuuk a fake jew? Was it because he called the democrat party the devils party? Or was it because he rightly said micronesians have more in common with the republicans then they do with democrats?
  • Lol, I am hurt. Very disturbing news indeed. But then again he did paste some and only edited minor details to the sentences.
  • But what the hell is wrong with pasting, where is the crime in that?
  • He was banned because he spread lies, fake stories and was just plain an idiot. He made everyone dumber in this forum by his none sense posting. There you happy!
  • To my own personal observations, you, red snapper, are more idiot than Rastaman is. You should have been banned long ago but for some unknown reasons you are still around. Lucky idiot.
  • After looking through 7 pages of this forum ive seen worst postings then The banned Rastaman.

    Peace and love
  • Idiots need to be identified immediately so their bullshit doesn’t smell up the place. I will point out lies, phonies and morons. All day long. Want to have good discussions, don’t bring your nonesense issues here.
  • You have the choice of participating in those discussions or not to. Free will. As the bible says.
  • I would like to read Sarem Chuuk's reply post before I comment. Pls...
  • I am still waiting for Sarem Chuuk to respond to the allegations above regarding banning people that he disagrees with in this Forum. I had always thought his posts before we on the point and worthy of consideration. I did not know that he represents the Administrator of this Forum. I did not know that he has authority to ban posters.
  • You do if you are made admin by Hazel.
  • Fran Hezel ran the MicSem, prior to this Forum; and I did not see bias. He gave the posters a lot of leeway but did put his foot down when some posters used profanity, etc.

    So who owns or created this Forum that we're using now? Was it created by the Jesuits or by Sarem Chuuk as his own operation? It'll be good to know.
  • He i believe has been made the administrator since Father Hazel is too busy to be in 10 places at once.

    And you are right this is not how Hazel operates, he always give warnings one or twice then the door. Sarem kicked out Rastamam because Rasta called him a Jew, a fake jew. Its personal.
  • No room for spreading small hands trumpkin nonesense in here. Hahaha. Will miss you rasta. Adios.
  • Im a Democrat yet i support what trump is doing. Keep the updates coming reaper keep em coming.
  • Sarem Chuuk or Administrator, I am still waiting for your reply to my questions above: is Fran Hezel and some Jesuits formerly based in Micronesia still involved with this Forum; or is this Forum now solely your own property without any input from Fran and others. I don't mind if it is yours. We all have rights to create our own websites, etc.

    The reasons I want to know is that I had been assuming all along that my postings and those of others are serious; that we take time to evaluate issues and make short comments. I have tried to post my personal ideas that I think could be meaningful to others to read in this Forum. I thought I was adhering to the principals of fairness and intelligence-based discussions that were the hallmark of the former MicSem.

    So if this Forum is no longer being influenced or controlled--even partially--by Hezel or the Jesuits, then, I can see how it is evolving into something that is very different in philosophy and in tone. I will continue to read and do posts from time to time but I do hope that you'll clean it up a little bit; and bring it to a higher level of sophistication and maturity. Just my thoughts.
  • How do you expect him to clean it when he is the IT.
  • kinen, I am just putting a request thru because if SC continues to manage this discussion environment as if he has authority to influence people's thinking, then, I don't think this Forum should be considered a public forum. It should be considered as private forum, bending to his whims, arbitrarily at time, banning whoever displeases him or say things he considers personally offensive. As such, if he does not change direction, I would say that I will be looking forward to the day when or if the Hezel group could reactive MicSem or something similar--as a truly public discussion forum. So we'll see.
  • I don't think Saram Chuuk have anything to do with this forum.
  • So who is the owner of this Forum who, allegedly, ban posters whose comments are not that unreasonable--but that may be offensive to her or him. It seems that this Forum is no longer under the influence of Hezel or Jesuits or the people who helped him manage the MicSem Forum.
  • Why are you guys complaining? The Admin did them(Pawnstar, Rastaman and FactsMatter) a favor. Hopefully, they use their time now away from this forum to do something productive with their lives. Like spending quality time with family and finding new hobbies elsewhere.
  • Yes. I have become a crabby hermit not posting on this forum and doing something more productive.....just like Hermit_Crab.
  • Patrick, so do you know who is the current Administrator of this Forum? If yes, please ask him/her/them to explain why was Rasta and others were banned from posting in this Forum. I would like to know so that I would know the type of comments that I can post without fear of being banned either. Thanks from Pohnpei on this nice and rainy day.
  • You don't know who run this forum and domain? Are you serious?
  • If you are asking me (marc), my answer is no, I don't know. I had been assuming it has been Fr. Hezel and some Jesuits or friends helping him. But I heard recently that Hezel is not involved with this Forum anymore. Thus, my question.
  • They are gone for a reason. Let it go Marc.
  • What reason? Because some of us have thin skin? Biased? Like calling other nazis but when they call you a jew for which you are you get bent out of shape and kick out poor rastah. The salt water messenger.
  • Ironic douche, why you blaming me? I’m a Jew? Lol. you know that for a fact? he’s gone because he went full retard. We all know you never go full retard. Hahaha. But you are there already with 5th trimester nonsense I Expect you to be kicked out soon also.
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