To admin Sarem Chuuk or F. Hazel

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Freedom of speech and expression was one of the reasons i joined this forum. After 3 years its time to say good bye. For now i see that censorship which is prevalent in the Universities across America have also made it into this forum. Censoring those who have different views is what the fascist Nazi Germany did. Banning them for no reason other than having different views is what non democracy country do to their opponents.

Admin Sarem or @Fancis Hazel i would like both of you terminate my account in this forum or ban me too. Because i too am a conservative and it is better to ban me now than later if i comment on a political discussion and show support for conservatives. Like Rastaman i too don't agree with same sex marriage, and i too believe that Micronesians have more in common with republicans than democrats. I also believe there is a biased in America's media against conservatives. Like admin Sarem has for conservatives in this forum.

So again please remove my account or ban me.


  • Hey, we all against same sex marriage here bruh. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve :) don't ban yourself, you'll take away the fun in fighting over which views are.good and which needs improvements. Only through discussions can we make our own government workable. Just lay off the Trump news and stick to regional issues.

    Rastaman, rest in peace broddamon
  • There is only one judge. Don’t judge who are what is the right religion, political party . Expect that not everyone will agree with what you believe. What’s happening is you push this nonsense that Micronesia is more republicans. That’s a load of bullshit. Says who? You? Our cultural sensitivities doesn’t equal pro republicans. It’s these kind of my way is right and everyone is biased is bullshit. Why do you think the constitution gives us these freedoms? So that we can live breath and practice as we see best for us, without regard to your god or feelings. You sir can leave this forum and this earth for all I care.
  • Conservative??? Welcome to the land of "Liberals"!!!
  • Iron Youth is with you anunaki and the departed Rastaman.
  • And what does Sarem Chuuk say, in reply, about these posts?
  • Hey @SaremChuuk marc has a question for you.
  • His spirit will live on...Reaper anymore updates?
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