Chuuk State Lawmakers fixing to raise their salaries

It was discussed yesterday between the house of representative and senate joint conference when they try to tackle the FY18 Budget. The budget was put on hold due to some lawmakers not agreeing to increase their salaries, which was also included in the FY18 Budget. The house of repesentatives were mostly against raising such due to the hardship that our state is facing. It has been noted that the senate members were for the raise.

Come on chuuk state lawmakers why not take care of the government employees first that are long overdue for a raise then just maybe you can think about giving yourself a raise.

Talk about taking care of yourself and not thinking of the well being of the state. Lets prioritize what is urgent not the lawmakers salares. What makes them believe they deserve a raise???


  • O me o my, there's something critically wrong here, Ekieki.
    How could the lawmakers so blindly irresponsible insensitive.
    Or they are just plain dumb.
    God in your mercy shine some light please.
  • That is nothing compared to what the Yap State Legislature did. While the government step increase is still on "freeze" the Yap State Legislature to the next step by doubling their official allowances. Salary increase has tax and S.S. that would be taken out from, but official allowances, that is TAX FREE and while they boast on air about being transparent, none of their constituents know what their official allowance is being used for. Some say cover personal loans, others say buy cars, and one of them I know for sure uses his allowance every Christmas to buy meat for his entire election district. Relax Chuukese, your CSL ain't as bad as you think it is.
  • Mwa met ren ena sokkun ekiek ese fakkun eoch, repwene pusin en me kuta ar nge nikitano manawen nour sheep.. Upwe mwo kapas ais.. Met murimurin ewe 72 hrs noun chon angangen Government? a fen ettta won 80 nge use chok sinei? Fanimoch achengicheng Senators me Representatives, ouse mochen oupwe emwouna ne pusin kutta manawemi nge nikiti manawen noumi aramas mi osupwang.. kinisou chapur.

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput.
  • Ngese mwa i a nom non anon ewe re Tol we, " Fewiochun ir mi tipachem ren am mi tiparoch." Fake New pwan Fake New chok.
  • I learned in my Computer Science 101 class the term, "Garbage In, Garbage Out." The people of Chuuk must pull their heads out and see what is going on around them.
  • Congratulations to our Chuuk Lawmakers for increasing their salaries. The question now is when will they increase the wages for the governent employees?
  • Never for the hard working government employees. The legislators cannot see beyond their big toes and do not have a good sense of the basic Chuukese culture, "It is not all about you, it is all about the other person."
  • May God bless the Chuuk State Legislature. Still at it after all these years.

    If the Chuuk State Constitution hasn't been amended, then a review of Chuuk State Constitution, Article, V, Section 8 would be in order for those so inclined. And if this case has not been overruled, then Sauder v. Chuuk State Legislature, 7 FSM Intrm. 358 (Chk.S.Ct.Tr. 1995) will get you the decision of Chief Justice Soukichi Fritz on the subject of salaries of members of the Legislature.
  • or better, let us revolt.
  • what is the meaning of revolt? lol
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    Do you have enough energy to elecxecute?

    Is that how you define revolt, Sarem Chuuk?
  • No such thing as revolt in Chuuk. We volt ourselves to sleep, instead.
  • I sorry to say that maybe there is not enough money to fund, therefor they only go for the urgent things. The only things enough to appropriate money for is the top- priority, the salary. That is enough to elecxcute for 2019 volts.
  • Wake up Chuuk, pick up the paddle, you have a long way to go!
  • but there is no paddle to pick up
  • It's as simple as that Sin. That is why. You don't see the paddle, why? Like you said, "no paddle," then what? Just sit Sin.

    -hmmmm, just thinking......
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    You don't understand, atollboy691. You're on a mechanical canoe sailing downwind, I am on a drift log paddling my hands away, forcing my log against winds and currents.
  • You said, "forcing your log against the winds n currents," meaning you are doing ur part....but the saying goes like this: "actions speak louder than words," if that'll be relevant, speaking of which we don't stop n hide around if we r true leaders. We stand up n do.

    just thinking....thanks sin...
  • throw me your line...I need a change in course and destination, my cry be heard by my logmates
  • Do while we can before too late, gud to share, 've done mine n was comfortable wt.
  • Too many vows not accountable for..when asked, it's the process that is slow. Then make it fast, can't you make it? Why? Why not?
  • Anon chok emon former Floorleader House of Rep. " ekkoch an kena Rep. nge ekkewe esin rechok cowboy cowboy fetan murin chok nge ra Rep. Iwe Ina pwata ese wor ra repwe ereki me ekieki osupwangen nour aramas pun pusin ir won winikaper.. Alon chok chon Penia, Weno nge " RESAP ATEMWAS PWE SII AMWAS!".

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput
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