New Listing

1. Kosrae beach front & mangrove property on sale--$65K
2. 5,381 square meters
3. Five minute walking distance away from the Treelodge Resort--google it
4. One owner on Title
5. Property is undeveloped

I probably won't respond to anyone here so here's my email:


  • Forgot to mention...this discounted offer expires in one week.
  • Hapa,

    Your sale is intended only for Kosraean citizens as it is unlawful for non-Kosraeans to own land. See here:

    Section 7. Only a person who is a citizen of the Federated States of Micronesia and Kosraean by descent, including by adoption, or a corporation which is wholly owned by such persons, may acquire title to land in the State. Acquisition of title by persons whose status as Kosraeans by descent is based solely on adoption shall be within limits set by law. Acquisition or utilization of interests in real property may be restricted or regulated by law.

    I wish I had that money and was of Kosraean descendant, I would buy it.
  • juliet

    65K for a 50 year contract and for the following 50 years and so forth- for free. I think that could work out.
  • Hapa, I think the maximum rental duration by law in Kosrae is 25 years.
  • juliet, It's actually 54 years max according to the updated code. You can verify it if you want.
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