What happen to the Chuuk State Legislature Web site?

Met porousen noun Chuuk State Legislature ewe Web site, nge sikan mochen sinei ifa usun nonomun nouch kewe Senators me Rep. Ar angang non ekkei fansoun pun sipwe alonga ach decision won emon me emon ren next election. Sipwe sinei ion mi wesetan angang me ion echok chiwen kaeo met epwe fori, chechemeni pun ese chiwen wor fansoun kaeo iei pun a nukanapan upusa iei..upusa non Pekin ekiek ren nonomunochun fonuwach. .. Ouse mwo checki an ekkena ekkoch State, ammen AMWARAR me eoch seni an Chuuk State Legislature na.


  • corrupted cables!..lol
  • Sia mefi pwe maybe a kan nafangaw moni ren an ese kamotiw takises.
  • Nothing is wrong with the site, they the csl only post what they want us (people) to see. It is a waste if they will not post all that is going on in the legislature (house of representatives and senate). Notice they only air the not so important sessions. The site should be informative about the ongoing of the Chuuk State Legislature. They should post:

    All bills that are introduce
    A record of all officials actions, and all individual legislators votes taken of either chamber
    Minutes of committee meetings
    Written or audiotapes of transcripts of all testimony presented at hearings.

    It is very important for the CSL to facilitate the documentation and record keeping process to provide the people especially future generations with more comprehensive and more accurate records of their activities and decisions. But sometimes they rather hide such as not to alert the people that they no longer do what is right.
  • What is the URL for the website? I have an old bookmark for a .fm webpage, but that does not link to the Legislature website anymore. Did you try to access the home page, Elieki?

    It could be either that it was hacked, or the bill for server space has not been paid.
  • Pwipwi Ekieki, if that is the real truth, how can it be solve? who can solve it? How? I am just frustrated with that. Sorry friends.
  • CSL needs to hire a competent Webmaster and journalist only then that web can be possible. o, and members need to learn how to use the computer, many do not know how. They're funny.
  • sinbad, that will be a very good first question to ask the candidates for the legislative office, can you operate a computer? lol
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