US Attorney General considering special counsel to Investigate Hillary Clinton

Summary from multiple sources

The US Attorney General and the DOJ is considering a special counsel to investigate Hillary clinton and the Clinton foundation. A special counsel is leading the investigation on Trump alleged ties to Russia well this one being considered is going to investigate H.Clinton and her foundation. It has something to do with selling US Uranium to a Russia and money her husband got from making a speech in Russia and also with her e-mails.

If this move is approved then Hillary and the democrats will have themselves to blame. Its ironic to think about it because now the investigations will focus on her.


  • This was bound to happen sooner or later. When Manafort goes to trial all hell will break out for the clintons and democrats. A motion to impeach trump was presented today and the top democrats who've been calling for Trumps ousting like Pelosi and Schumer didn't give their support for the impeachment motion. Everything is going south for democrats and clintons.
  • No FSMers would support the Clintons. They knicked the Compact back in 1996. This caused much harms to you guys than any U.S. president post WW2.
  • She was a crook then and still a crook now. When Bernie went belly up i abstained from supporting her.
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