Musicians Pati and Anuhea's comments about Micronesians

I had heard that Hawaii musicians Pati and Anuhea had made comments about us Micronesians that were derogatory. Anyone know anything about this?


  • They didn't make any comments that was derogatory in any forms. People thought a shissh was derogatory and made it into something. In this day and age of you call someone a racists on social media even without evidence is enough to destroy their business and career. A punch of highly sensitive little girls feel they were or micronesia was being insulted and they made a big buzz about it on social media. Wanna be micronesian superstar Aki Aniol from chuuk is feeding the little girls emotions. Aki as we know is self proclaimed social justice warrior.
  • Iron Youth, do you have the link as to what was said?
  • Nothing was said. It was a music session between Pati and Auneah and while singing the O-shen rap part someone, a friend of theirs said shisshh during the melenesian and micronesian part.

    You can watch the video in the Facebook page We Are Micronesia
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