just curious,

any body care to update us on the status of the FSM cell towers/foundations to house FSMTC's equipment & accessories on
Onoun, Poluwat, Losap, Moch, Oneop & Satawan.


  • AntiColonialist, there is very little known regarding this project. What I have been informed on this though is that FSMTC was awarded the rights to the project of implementing Cellular Services to the Outer Islands of Chuuk.

    What does surprise me is why? From FSMTC's history of servicing the outer islands of our States, there is not much to say aside from the failed Ulithi Internet and Cellular Service. Seeing that FSMTC was unable to sustain Ulithi alone, I don't see the logic in having FSMTC roll out service in the outer islands of Chuuk.

    This is quite disconcerting as even in Chuuk Lagoon, FSMTC has been unable to provide adequate service to Weno and most certainly the lagoon islands. My point here is how then do we expect any proper form of service to be provided on the outer islands that are a considerable distance away from Chuuk Lagoon?
  • Thank you Snowden_691 for the info.

    I couldn’t agree with you more on FSMTC’s poor performance & service.

    According to the latest & previous audits, FSMTC has been very strong in the “Net Operating Loss” department & impressive in the “Administrative Expenses” department.

    2016 – Net Operating Loss of $481,606 Administrative Expenses $9,508,220
    2015 – Net Operating Loss of $1,135,608 Administrative Expenses $9,882,752

    2014 – Net Operating Loss of $995,138
    2013 – Net Operating Loss of $743,765
    2012 – Net Operating Loss of $807,488
  • AntiColoniast, it seems the losses you stated started exactly when the new CEO and COO of FSMTC took over the corporation. As for the administrative expenses, I wonder what the actual figure would be had FSM Congress not consecutively put up several million dollars of funding to assist telecom in easily transitioning to a liberalized market?

    These losses along with the outrageous administrative expenses seem to have been ignored entirely by the corporations board.
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