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  • I truly believe we Micronesians have grown beyond the negative mentality of segregation. The only way to move forward is by working together with our current leaders or with the newly elected leaders who are motivated to exact change that is beneficial to all 4 States in terms of growth and prosperity for all.

    If this means a drastic change in the structure of our current leadership than so be it.

    "United we Conquer, Divided we Fall."
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    The process hasn't bear fruit in that old thinking of up keeping with the status quo.
  • Snowden_691 Segregation was it since ever since and segregation it will be for ever and ever.
  • biz e and kinen, if it is only money and segregation that you want then I suggest you begin by pointing your guns in the right direction by starting small.

    Congress has passed the bill to open up the telecom market to competition so instead of allowing foreign entities to take advantage of this situation, why not dismantle FSM Telecom and allow for each State to have ownership of its own telecom strategy and benefits.

    We all know there is money to be made in telecom yet decades have passed without any fruits of labor from the management and since Pohnpei and Chuuk generate the most revenue in all the 4 States, shouldn't this be a more viable solution to start with?

    If you want to change the Status Quo, perhaps by showing that this can actually work, it will allow for public opinion to sway to your perspective.

    History has shown that each member of FSMTC's board has shown indifference to the stakeholders they represent. By allowing each State to control its own interests and reap the benefits, wouldn't this allow for a small peak at the simple benefits of segregation as well as your short term monetary values?
  • It has been public knowledge for too long already that “Status Quo”, (federation) has not helped propel the states forward and no sincere efforts are being considered by the leaders.
    So instead of starting small, let’s all start anew and forge forward independently at our own individual merits. That way we don’t claim being dragged or held hostage by other’s sluggish or layback/seres-pwetete ways of life.
    Let’s be tkk as tkk, pni as pni, ksa as ksa and of course yap as yap, (why a pee). You see how different those names are. And yes the DNA’s are even more different.
    Not working the way it was poorly thought.
  • I respect your views Kinen but instead of holding the Nation accountable, shouldn't we hold the leadership accountable instead?

    Let us young, the next generation, hold the leadership into account and respond by influencing our generation and the next to make change.

    This is the only revolution worth taking. No one is above reproach and it is up to us to influence this change, inspire our brethren, and be realistic in our goals for a better outcome for all.

    This is my humble opinion however we should all cooperate, respective of others opinions, and work together to ensure a proper solution and/course of action is taken to benefit all.
  • As humble as your opinions are and I fully respect them, I humbly don’t see how we could satisfactorily encourage people of total different DNA makeup to coexist in harmony with each other. Please don’t get me wrong, I live next door to fsmers for the longest time imaginable yet we still live our own lives respectively. We share a few foreign habits yet we pretty much cling to our own local cultures. At times wondering if they will ever eat kon or penichon with me. Or will I ever adapt to their way of lives which are tapoo to my way of life.
  • Let's see what 2018 brings us. Thank you for your thoughts, I respect them and hope for the best for this Nation, segregated or otherwise.
  • Waste of time and resources!!! No offense to anyone especially those running this belief that secession will somehow result in more financial stability... Not one data or study has proven or supported that thought.
  • No offense here too, please, Chuukese don’t depend on reports or studies. Those are foreign to them. They nikitino on their guts believe.
  • Regardless of what happens with the secession movement I sincerely hope that we chuukese find it in our heart to choose what is right for our childerens children. I am tired of this going back and forth attacks between the so called "YES" and "NO" people.

    The commission is bend on educating the people to vote "YES" no matter what. They are not doing what is really necessary to educate the people on the pros and cons and let them choose respectively.

    The "NO" people are just heating up on their attacks on the work of the commission (secession).

    It is very sad that most of our state leaders (representatives and senators) are not publicly showing what they think is best for our state with regards to the secession movement. They (representatives and senators) are scared that once their position is known to their constituents it will destroy them this coming election.

    The question is the commission says that the FSM has not been giving Chuuk what is due to the state, However the commission itself is dumping their own funding as if Chuuk has all the funding the commission needs. How much has the commission spend so far since its founding? The first ESG funding was a waste due to the neglegence of the commission to do what is require of them to educate the people accordingly. Now the second time around I sincerely hope that the commission will do the right thing by educating the pros and cons and not just the pros of secession. If not then I truly believe that Chuuk State will not succeed on this endeavor.

    Choose Wisely Please...
  • The worst imagination. Waste time, energy and resources.

    VOTE NO!
  • Come on people. Let's just be honest here. The people who want to secede are either greedy for their own political and/or financial gains OR are incompetent enough to believe that separating from the FSM is beneficial for Chuuk State and it's people.
    It's sad to watch the few Chuukese politicians who are trying to make a difference being suppressed by these unqualified dumb as coconuts politicians that are ruining things for Chuuk.
  • anyone ....or no one want to contest John H's views? come one people, if you really want it, stand up!
  • Anyone knows who are the real advocate of the secession movement? Which amongst our politicians are for the secession? If we must support or not support then we need to know what our politicians stand on the issue. The issue is very critical to the well being of our state and our nouwis needs to stand up for what they believe is best for chuuk not hide behind the others that are pushing for the secession movement.

    We as chuukese needs to decide wisely this coming election either for or against the secession movement. We cannot let the undecided protrude to the polls and decide the future of our children. The political commission is pushing to gain the support of the undecided to vote yes. It is so sad that the commission is painting such a easy and peaceful secession as it is the best thing for chuuk. Come on people wake up, The commission is acting as if they know what is best for our state and everyone's elses opinion is just not good enough. How much really do we need to spend in order for us chuukese to realize that the few nouwis that are pushing for the secession movement are the only ones that will benefit from this nightmare. They say that chuuk is being not given what is due to us from the FSM. They use our infrastructure as an excuse that we are not being given what is rightfully ours as far as the funding goes. However, the welfare of chuuk infrastructure is in limbo thanks to our nouwis at the state legislature that have given themselves a raise but not the whole workforce of the chuuk government. Why is this happening? Will the legislators not give themselves another raise once Chuuk seceed? Why are they not pumping what little funding our government has collected into our infrastructure. Our state legislature and executive are even going to court over the appointment of the board of CPUC. What more can our politicians do once we seceed?

    It is very sad and embarrasing. Anyone care to elaborate more on the CPUC Board issue?
  • 50,000 plus citizens of Chuuk with how many thousands of that living outside of Chuuk and the the million that comes into Chuuk every much more million does Chuuk need to be satisfied?

    Day in and day out..residents on Moen are benefiting one way or another...whats going on in the rest of Chuuk? Any sign of those millions in the past 30 yrs?

  • According to some the local political pollsters in Chuuk, the YES VOTE is already the majority. And based on the overall general sentiments expressed by the Chuukese Facebook communities and groups, it looks like the YES VOTE is headed for a landslide victory.
  • To take care of the welfare of the people...

    Free counters!

  • The reason a lot of Chuukese people are voting YES, is because of all the lies and misinformation from politicians, ran annim news and facebook. It baffles my fuckin balls to no end hearing all the lies coming out of these peoples mouths.
  • Let's have a live debate, between the Commission and the Unity Team. Let's have it in Chuuk, live on the internet, and have both sides bring their supporting document, and live stream it so everyone can see. Have the US ambassador to the FSM in attendance so they can also answer certain claims related to the US on this issue. Let's a debate to discuss these issues so that voters can make a wise decision.
  • "U.S. Ambassador Robert A. Riley delivers a video address regarding the Compact of Free Association with the Federated States of Micronesia and the current independence movement in Chuuk State. We hope that this video will be of assistance as the people of Chuuk State determine what is best for their future." (U.S. Embassy Kolonia Facebook page)
  • What ever happened to not interfering in the internal politics of cofa nations as stated by thr compact? This is clearly a violation of that. Again colonialism at work.
  • Presenting facts is not interfering. Listen to the video. Riley clearly states that the U.S. encourages Chuukese to make their own decisions. He does not tell them how to vote on the issue of independence...or on any other matter.
  • Fear tactics at work. Another liberal ex-peace corps volunteer interfering in another country's internal politics. All the people who are interfering in island politics from Kiribati to Marshalls to FSM all the way to Palau are all former peace corps expats.
  • Fake news. But nice try. lol
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