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The FSM National Law Day has been proclaimed to be one in commemoration of the many significant legal and national events that occurred on the 12th of July. In celebration of the 37th Anniversary of FSM Law Day, our high school students throughoout the nation are once again called upon to engage in public debate over issues of legal and national significance.

As we anticipate another engaging debate, the 2018 FSM National Law Day Coordinating Committee is please to inform the public that it is organized and will be in communication with the public espceciall the schools as we prepare for the upcoming event.

The Committee has yet to decide on a debate topic for the 2018 FSM National Law Day. Thus, the Committee welcomes you and the Public to submit proposeed debate topic(s) that you may have for next year's event.

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  • Be it resolved that the FSM should allow any state to leave the federation if a majority of that state's voters approve.
  • Should allow anyone state to leave the federation if a simple majority of the voters in the state approves of it.
  • Basic Rules of Parliament, a member cannot unilaterally decide on its own a sensitive decision that would affect the party as a whole. Chuuk can decide to vote for secession however the final decision for Chuuk to actually secede is if 2 more States in the FSM agree to Chuuk seceding from the Nation.

    @Lukeisanop, Chuuk's quest to secede should be a good topic of debate for the FSM National Law Day.

  • whats the matter chuuk? why youre leaving thefedration?
  • Because the federation had given up on us.
  • Yes, let us let our students tackle the Secession issue as their Law Day debating topic. An exciting and challenging topic!

  • I think the topic has been debated in 2011 FSM National Debate Competition in Yap.

    The debate proposition was "Be it resolved that the Federated States of Micronesia Constitution should be amended to allow a State to secede from the Federated States of Micronesia."

    Any other issues of legal and national significance that you might also have.

  • Lukeisanop:

    I am not sure that is the same issue. The debate in Yap appears to assume that an amendment to the Constitution would be a necessary predicate to secession. The Commission (correct me if I am wrong, Taxi) appears to assume that an amendment would not be necessary. They take the position, if I read them correctly, that since secession is not expressly forbidden in the Constitution, it is permissible upon a simple vote of the people of the state. If that is the position of the Commission, then the resolution proposed by FactsMatter would be closer to the Commission position than the Yap proposition.
  • Thanks Sarem. Yes, so far that has become the position of the Secession Movement.
  • Look to Brexit for inspiration.
  • what do you mean given up on chuck? whos giving up? looks like chuuk is the one who is givin g up? for this matter?
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