What do you think is the most important aspect of your culture

What do you think is the most important aspect of your culture that you hope will be passed down to future generations?


  • none! this is the new generation we need money to survive, we need to adapt to the other countries for that we will not act like caveman.......remember as you grown into adult you learn new things in life so we need to change our culture into a new decorated one! I really don't want to pay respect to a high chief anytime he feels like it....sorry but that's not me. look everywhere people are changing so adapt.....amen
  • Thank you for your response. Although... Forgive me Gladiator but I fail to follow your comment. Could you please elaborate on your response.
  • what is there to intricate? you have all the details.....
  • Marry me if you love me. If no more love kick me out.
    Please don't take the car and the house. That's my sweat money.
  • Our culture: We all have a background, ancestors, traditions. They may be old but they are not "primitive."
    You can be a modern person with a good education, computer skills, speak English well, but if you ignore your traditional culture, language and your relatives, you are losing so much. You can have both.
  • Your native/indigenous language is one of the most important part of your cultural identity. Your material culture (anything that is tangible - 3-dimensional crafts like baskets, model canoe, canoe paddle, wall decorations, etc..., even 2-dimensional artworks such as painting/photos of your island is another that goes hand-in-hand with your native language. So before you leave the island to reside/study abroad, make sure you have something from your island to show-and-tell where you come from. Music is another, attire/outfits (traditional and/or contemporary clothing; traditional foods/cooking and don't forget your traditional customs, esp., respect to others, elders, the disabled, etc...and I'm sure many others that identify you as a pacific islander.
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