Languages are unique, valuable, special

Donʻt lose your native language. It is the connection to who you are. Within the Micronesian languages is held knowledge, stories, and words that do not exist in any other languge. Your language makes you who you are. within language is a world of information, humor, feeling and history. When you learn English you donʻt have to give up speaking your own language. Some people are bilingual and some tri-lingual. The more the better.


  • Amen Mellomes! Many of us pacific islanders are bilingual/trilingual and others more than 3....and it will be very useful if you master reading, writing, speaking and understanding your native language first and foremost. Believe me, you will not be disappointed even for a second. Most states in the US are in dare need of native language interpreter/translator for the court system, including immigration, education, social services, and other gov't department/agencies. I have been a court language interpreter for 2 years and now writing a book in my native language.
  • Kuluhu run for fsm Congress and introduce a bill to designate Chuukese Language to be the fsm official language before they leave, lol.
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