FSMTC CEO & Management Attendance

Ok, I know we have all been through this topic previously but I sort of had to bring this up again after what I viewed last Thursday. So as you all know, I have been ridiculously blunt with regards to Mr. Perman's attendance as a CEO for FSMTC.

What you all don't know is that one of the reason's a former IT Manager for telecom, Mr. Bernard Mendis, resigned from his post was due to Mr. Perman's continued complaints regarding Mr. Mendis' working from home.

So I've been informed that Mr. Mendis was unable to put in his regular hours was due to a condition he had however he was able to log everything and anything he fulfilled from home that was related to work. This included staying up all night to complete deadlines or to basically do what he had to do to keep the corporation's gears lubricated and turning.

Well, for some reason, Mr. Perman was not happy about the fact that someone was working from home and not reporting to work on a consistent basis even though he was not in any position to point fingers.

Dare I say this reminds us all of someone who is now basically doing the same thing except that he now actually heads the company. Can I say hypocrite?

Anyway, back to basics. After continued complaints from Mr. Perman, Mr. Mendis got so fed up he ultimately chose to resign. This was an unfortunate turn of events as I am informed it was a regretful day to have lost Mr. Mendis since the need for his services was sufficiently moreso than the need for the then the intern for then Marketing Manager, Mr. Fred Christopher.

Okay, fast forward 15 years, I am told Mr. Perman, as the COO, actually contacted Mr. Bernard Mendis and offered him his IT Manager Position back. All I can say is the response from Mr. Mendis, as I was told was hilarious. He literally told FSMTC "Kiss my Black Ass". How is that for an in your face moment?

I have countless stories that have been sent my way however I only post what is relevant at the moment and this is very relevant for this situation.

Okay, now to the present. Yes, we may have all seen the CEO's attempt to warm his seat however he seems unable to accomplish this minor task. Okay, for the past week, we have actually seen some semblance of attendance and I actually was elated to see some effort put in.

FYI, I am not all bad. I would like to see my hard work dissing this corporation bear fruit in the form of improvement by the management or removal of the management.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, I drove up to U to buy some bottles of sakau and on my way back, I noticed I was driving behind Mr. Freddy Perman's big F150 truck. Dare I say someone is over compensating. So, this was around 7:00 pm and he had 3 of his workers in the back of the truck. At first, I did not have a care in the world where this truck was coming from but when I passed him by and turned in to FSMTC to buy a TelCard, low and behold, the official CEO vehicle was parking in his spot.

Okay??? I was confused. Did I not just see him in his truck just a few minutes ago? Then it dawned on me and I just had to laugh. This highly paid CEO was pretending to be at work by parking his official vehicle at work and driving his personal vehicle elsewhere.

Please Mr. CEO, give the people of Pohnpei a little credit. We all know you hardly, if ever, report to work. You are unable to change who you are. Don't try to pretend you are at work, it is demeaning.

The moral of this story is this, "One can't change one's essential Nature". You are who you are.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


  • Okay, I'd like to continue this thread by asking anyone with knowledge of the CEO's attendance to email me on a daily basis with regards to his daily attendance.

    This basically provides support for my accusations on his callous attitude towards attendance. This will also serve as a decent timeline for anyone who is interested to reference.

    As I have stated previously, this is a multi-million dollar corporation therefore there should be some semblance of professionalism in the work place starting from the top.

    So here goes, December 18, 2017. I drove by FSMTC at 8:45 am this morning and the CEO has still not reported to work. Let me add that I was driving from Sokehs past Rusty Anchor at 8:00 am this morning and happened to see the President of this Nation driving in the other direction.

    Kudos to Mr. President for having the decency to report to work on time even though he is the leader of this Nation. There is little to be said about this CEO who does not see it fit to report to work in the morning and most especially on a Monday morning.

    Should it not be ingrained in his mentality that Monday is the most important day of the week to address business?

    Complacency is an art reserved only for monopolies. FSMTC will no longer be a monopoly come next year. It is time to get the ball rolling.

    One more thing, it is said that you can actually make a routine habit if you do whatever it is you need to do for 21 consecutive days. CEO, if you are reading this, it may be painful to report to work but try it out for 21 straight days and it will become second nature.

    Your corporation needs you. I think it is time you start giving back to a corporation that has already filled your pockets with pitch and catch contracts and what not.
  • Alrighty then, I've just been informed CEO finally reported to work around 3ish pm today, 12/18/2017. Unfortunately, we don't know whether he is physically there or driving around like he did last week.
  • 12/19/2017 - I am informed CEO punched in at around 10:00 am this morning.
    - I crossed passed with Mr. President at Palm Terrace before 8:00 am this morning.

    Mr. President takes it two days in a row.
  • As a public figure in a public corporation, once the CEO accepted his role as the top manager for FSMTC, he should accept the fact that his actions will be publicly scrutinized. Shape up on attendance and this thread will stop. The public deserves the right to see him earn his pay. After all, it is in the best interest of the public that this corporation is held to the highest of standards.

    So do I hope I am not judged for stating facts. Merry Christmas!!!
  • 12/19/2017 - I am informed that the CEO was a no show this afternoon.
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  • Says who, Banana691? There's excessive salt and pepper, stinging hot and salty.
  • 12/19/2017 - Crossed paths with Mr. President at 7:45 am by AMCRES service station.

    - Still waiting for word on FSMTC CEO arrival or not.

    - Ok, CEO reportedly clocked in only 3 hours today.
  • Ok, what I am trying to convey here with this thread is a systematic abuse of power. In spite of the fact that contract CEOs are exempt, it does not necessarily mean abandonment of duties and most especially in the form of attendance.

    Chief Executive Officers are chosen for their leadership qualities and their drive to succeed. Unless there is any evidence of success, I guess the least one can do in this position is to at least put in your allotted time.

    A little show of effort goes a long way.
  • Here is one more thing to note. This is one organization that is very unusual. If you observe continuously, you will notice that most of the FSMTC management actually do not stick to a strict attendance guideline.

    As they say, abuse and corruption follows the trickle down theory. Once it starts, it trickles down to the lower levels.
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    Hehehe...........Nice thread.
  • Okay, word for the day is "Accountability". This is basically what this thread is all about. You should be accountable for your actions, good or bad. So from what I see, it's mostly bad at this time. Hopefully with my continued pestering, the management for FSMTC will see fit to shape up.

    12/21/20 - So it seems like the telecom management does occasionally surf this forum. I've been told even Mr. Joe Johnny reported into to work today which is unusual.

    What is most unfortunate about this corporation is that it is now treated more like a family business than a public corporation.

    As you can see, all the managers are given vehicles, free fuel, free phones, free minutes, and I don't know what else is free.

    With all these benefits, you would think they would be more than happy to commit to the rigors of daily duties and responsibilities however it seems more like punch in, go home, end of day, report in to punch out.

    This corporation needs serious oversight.

    Lastly, from this day forward, I would appreciate any info on the attendance of the other managers.
  • Sinbad.. that’s the “grilled chicken” you’re talking about.
  • If these employees of FSMTC are getting all these perks on top of their salaries/wages the FSMG tax people should tax the value of those things and collect the taxes from them. Those perks can count toward the aggregate of their salaries/wages.
  • I like what you are saying TruthIsThat. These individuals should be accountable for their actions as well as any other if's and but's that pertain to their duties, responsibilities, and perks.
  • CEOs can work from home
  • Sorrow, I would agree with you if not for the fact that there is no longer a Chief of Operations for FSMTC. This along with the other fact that the other HQ managers do not have a history of good attendance serves me with little confidence and security that this corporation is able to operate and run on its own.
  • Let it go Snowden. If Audits results can’t get the board to take action that’s in the best interest of the people, then nothing will stop the stealing, wasting and corrupt culture each successive CEO has passed on to the next one.
  • Good morning Red Snapper, unfortunately, it is not in my nature to let things go. Individuals such as these shouldn't believe they are above reproach just because they think they are the technological gurus of the FSM.

    There are more young intelligent and knowledgeable people these days that, given a chance, would do a way better job than the existing management.

    What is regrettable is these dinosaurs don't want to let things go anytime soon.

    Before I forget,I am informed that both the CEO and Plant and Engineering manager logged less than 4 hours for both 12/21/2017 and 12/22/2017.
  • Okay, it's been 6 days enjoying the Christmas holidays but I didn't want to end the week without sounding off on this topic.

    So, you may have noticed that I changed the title of this discussion to include the management which I believe is only fitting as abuse from all levels is abuse.

    Anyways, here is the info that I received this week.

    CEO - less than 3 hours for the whole week.
    COO - Missing in Action
    P&E Manager - less than 6 hours for the whole week
    Comptroller - less than 16 hours for the week
    A0 - less than 16 hours

    It might be relevant to mention that there was a 5 day weekend that just occurred and of which I seriously am pissed off about. It is such a waste to see honest tax payers money and honest/dishonest corporate money used frivolously to pay for this ridiculous administrative leave that was just taken.

    Note that I included tax payer money because the $100k profit from last year shouldn't be enough to pay for this leave as well as other accumulated expenses piled on this year.

    Okay everyone, have a Happy New Year. I will see you next year on the flipside.
  • So I have to wonder, how does attendance for top management in other FSM entities compare? Petrocorp, social security, COM, FSMDB, NFC? Are they generally present at their offices during business hours or not?
  • With the board being inattentive and just waiting for their meeting allowances, nothing will change.
  • I am not sure about the other entities, but for PETRO Corp, the CEO is in office every single day and he is pretty much there before all employees and leaves after all employees each day.

  • Happy New Year to all forum members!!!

    May this year be a prosperous and safe year for all those we care for and even to those who are resistant to a better Micronesia. Given time, ignorance can can change to enlightenment.

    Attendance update: Yet another 5 day weekend holiday break for FSM Telecom. Is this a public corporation or a private entity? There is no way FSMTC will be able to compete in an open market with a business attitude such as this.

    2018 may well spell the end of FSMTC as we know it.

  • Update: January 4, 2017 - CEO over 4 hours of work so it seems like a resolution from the CEO may be in effect.

    As for the P&E manager, seems like he was a no show. Others have been accounted for.
  • How long you plan on doing this “time sheet” thing Snowden? It has been going on for almost 2 yrs. now and we have not noticed any significant effects of it yet.
    I applaud your resilience, anyway.
  • As long as it takes. Thanks for the compliment.

    January 5, 2018 - CEO was reported to have worked for less than 5 hours.
    P&E Manager - MIA
    Comptroller - 6 hours
    AO - 6 hours
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