Palau's 2010 Compact agreement signed by Trump as part of National Defense Authorization Act

It's sad that Palau had to wait so long; but it's good news that finally legal authorization for its negotiated Compact funding since 2010 has been signed by President Trump as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. We're all thankful for the lot of work that were also put forth to move this forward by CNMI Congressman Sablan, Congresswomen Bordallo (Guam) and Tulsi Hubbard (HI). They were part of the many efforts that were able to convince the Defense Department to include this in the Defense bill.

Needless to say, there is growing awareness that our FAS are important when it comes to the defense strategy for US especially in light of the recent belligerent actions by North Koreas' Uhn. It is hoped that this action for Palau also highlights the important values of the COFA for FSM and RMI; and the role that our respective FAS contribute to the safety umbrella for Guam, CNMI, Hawaii and other US allies in the Pacific. Peace.


  • This should not be a surprise. The telltale signs were written on the wall that this was coming when America shifted its foriegn policy to the Pacific.
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