Trump set to win 2020 according to British diplomats


According to British diplomats Trump looks like he will win again in 2020 if he run again for office. Despite negative American media coverage it looks like there will be little or no chance for democrats to beat him. The media coverage only plays into Trumps favor for it unites his base of support and shows how corrupt the american media is. Another factor that leads the British to think Trump will win is that there are no name worthy democrats to beat Trump in 2020.


  • Not only that but it looks like the conservatives are set to keep their majority in the Senate and house of representatives. I'm a liberal and there is hope for a democrat taking the Senate in 2018 but the downside is conservatives will take house of representatives.

    I keep telling all my friends here in California to stop forwarding and sharing Trump related news. Because it will lead only to Trump being elected again like he did in 2017. The media is called liberal but sometimes i think they are helping Trump. CNN and MSNBC and ABC news are the reason the orange bastard got elected in the first F-king place. I hope they stop reporting and giving him free press because it only helps to unite the conservatives.
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    Well IronYouth, you have your liberal friends in the media to thanka for that. 24/7 Trump news coverage. Like Trump said: "Free publicity is always good publicity". He got elected because he wants to build a wall and end chain immigration and he just said: There can be no DACA without a WALL. MAGA to 2020 and Beyond.
  • Any advantages to the FSM compact of Free Association?
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