New Year Sekere Road Block

Just got wind of some folks from Kitti on their way to wish their families "Happy New Year" was blocked by some punks in Sekere in which they fought them and stabbed one of the men from Kitti, injured the wife and injured the other passenger of the vehicle. The other wife of the injured men had to drive away with their kids in the SUV leaving the other 3 to be beaten and stabbed.

WHY? For all you folks who are from Sekere reading this post, get a hold of your kids/punks or whatever you call them. Why do these things in Pohnpei? You come here live in a free GIVEN land that Pohnpei State gave you and now your kids/punks are doing these kinds of things here.

Arent' you thankful and grateful that you come to Pohnpei and live in lands that Pohnpeians should be living in but instead, we gave you these lands as you claim to be Mortlockese Pohnpeians and yet you act like you came straight from the mountains.

Those kids/punks who did this have created something. If your kids/punks from sekere are beaten and stabbed by folks from Kitti, don't blame them.

Treat people with respect.


  • WHY IS SUCH CRUELTY HAPPENING IN OUR BEAUTIFUL AND PEACEFUL POHNPEI? I strongly suggest for a peaceful reconciliation before things get out of hands.
  • Call the cops, let the law do it's job.
  • There is no mention here of anyone drinking alcohol. Are we to assume that everyone was sober?
  • Speedy recovery for the injured person. May this New Year bring nothing but peace into our community.
  • FactsMatter,
    does it Matter whether or not they were drunk or sober? The issue here is that during a new year, they were blocked in Sekere, taken out of their vehicles and beaten. Both men and their wives. And yes, they were stopped by some drunk punks.
  • that's crazy. it's new years everyone
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    Speaker en Isokohnodi en wehi en Kitti me sapwelimaniki pai suwed ni parakapw o Sekere! Wow!!

    Here is what precedence I hope this sets:

    The assault against a Public Official resulting in a serious bodily injury, or a dangerous weapon was used during and in relation to the offense, a term of imprisonment for not more than 30 years!!!
  • Now that the truth behind what really happened is out, what do you (Paclands) all have to say for yourselves, ye who cast the first stone without finding facts?

    Fact is the so-called Speaker and his passengers started the problem by acting tough and cussing out a young boy by the side of the road in Sekere. They even chased the young boy into his own property (trespassed) and tried to beat him...wrong move, there were more young boys (relatives) in the property where these Kitti people trespassed into so the Speaker and his fellows received a royal beating and were hospitalized. I guess they bit off more than they could chew.

    Even the wife of the Speaker, daughter of a certain legislator of Kitti fought with the wife of the young boy outside the young boy's property. Well, we know the rest of that story; the Speaker's wife got her ass whooped bad and more.

    The group from Kitti instigated things, trespassed into private property, incited violence yet in the end got their asses whooped. They got what they deserved. Now they expect the Sekere people to apologize. What a crock of crap. The Ardos family are descendants of Kon, a man who originated from Mortlocks. It seems these Ardos punks decided to look down upon their own people. Well now they know better, I hope for their sakes.

    I hope they learned their lesson and will carry themselves with more humility and respect for others, regardless of ethnicity and looks.

    In an earlier but separate case, the brother of the Speaker also got his ass whooped in about the same area when he tried to beat up a young boy with a bat. Said young boy was just crossing the road when the Speaker's brother barreled down the road and almost ran over the young boy. Speaker's brother then jumped off his car with a bat and started beating the young boy. Wrong move also; young boys friends and relatives came to the rescue and gave the Speaker's brother a royal ass whipping. Speaker's brother ended up apologizing to young boy's family several days later claiming that he did not remember what happened because he was extremely intoxicated. I guess his older brother (Speaker) should have learned from that incident. That would have saved him from the embarrassment, disgrace and harm done to his family in this recent incident.

    Whose the punk now Paclands? The Ardos brothers are sons of one the most humblest men I have been fortunate to know and be related to, the late Thomas. Where they get their punk attitude from is anyone's guess.

    Peace to all and let's await the upcoming Court case. I even hear there is an effort by Isokohnedi to impeach this Speaker as his action are deemed "conduct unbecoming" of his position.

  • @juliet. So in essence, it is a related matter. Both in incidental and familial. But regardless of whose wrong, it is the best party that moves forward with the apology process. Our forefathers were humble people and we should continue to display this side of our Mortlockese culture. Im sure Kon, Renny, Rikuech, Ioanis, Otto, and many others are the reasons why we have peacefully settled onto Pohnpei soil for generations. It is their teachings that we have forsaken causing these incidents. Almost every traditional apology process, exposes that both parties are actually descendants of the same family. Obviously no one took that appropriate effort at the first incident involving the speaker. Shouldn't we also be the blame of this repeated and related incident? I would say because we figured that we were right all along but in fact we should have taken that extra step of making proactive steps to prevent future similar incidents.
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    What is the proper conduct in response to a public road being blocked by anyone other than public safety or authorized public officials?

    I think for us to even consider that someone has to politely ask for access to their own roads- the road is a public road, after all- is ludicrous. Moreover, if it was my son who had done this, I would have torn him a new a-hole. Who knows? Maybe after a few thorough beatings, he'll learn to show the general public some respect. I know for a fact, I would definitely not backing or supporting his idiotic move. You reap what you sow.

    Given the road is public property and owned by all, I wonder what the argument would be had it been your private road, I blocked it, and when you reacted out of disbelief and anger, I stabbed you. Should you be subject to losing your land because you acted "unbecoming"?
  • Juliet,
    From reading your posts, you are either from there or is related to someone who is involved. The truth is out and it is not what you think it is.

    It is funny how you think it the situation should be. Whether or not what you are thinking is the truth, it is a fact that they were stopped in Sekere.

    I don't need to go into details because as much as you think it is their fault, you should really sit down with someone who actually knows the facts.

    Thank you very much for letting us know what kind of person you are as educated as you may think you are.
  • @juliet, be careful with your words while typing behind that screen of yours, you might end up getting a crowned royal beating yourself for disrespecting a political leader and his family. Have some respect!!! It aint matter who's at fault, in reality there were casualties from this incident and hopefully they will recover from their injuries. Don't point fingers, point it to yourself and shove it up!!!!
  • @juliet , May the devil have mercy on you. You're not a human after all. smh
  • Happy New-Year to everyone in this forum! My friend PACLANDS, you need to come and see me in my office with regard to the incident happened on the 31st of December 2017 in Sekere village. I am the reliable source to share with you the details of the incident. You don’t need to present what you heard from your friends or people who are not capable to handle the situation in an amicable manner. You mentioned things in reference to the incident happened in Sekere viallge has given me the position to gauge your fake Pohnpeian identity. RESPECT and WAHU are the two Pohnpeian virtues that identify true Pohnpeians. Once again, I would like to humble ask you to present facts from reliable source(s) not what you heard from the tittle-tattle coconut wireless connection on the island.

    Ni wahu,

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    My apologies if I offended you but no pun intended. I don't need to come in and see you in your office nor did I post this so you can approve. Sorry if you felt it was meant for that.

    Me being fake is your judgement and yours alone. Everyone is entitled to their opinions in this forum and indeed this is what this forum is all about. It's about information, ideas, OPINIONS and etc., I do not need to present anything to anyone. I am entitled to mine as much as you are entitled to yours. If my thread and story does not make sense to you, then, oh well.

    Respect and Wahu as you mentioned..........

    Ni wahu,
  • Hehehe, kaselehlie maing PACLANDS....You are my true and honest friend avail your time to come and see me in my office...I'll prepare coffee for u....
  • asaf,
    LOL...I know. You will also be my true friend....I'll bring the coffee
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    I really appreciate your humble heart my friend, please come and let's share ways to remedy the problems not only in Sekere but Pohnpei as a whole...Deh ia eh iengehi??God bless u. Hey, am serious about this my friend let's start little and proceed with big agenda later on.....
  • asaf,
    No worries. Let us meet and discuss what our plans are.
  • Ok, komw ketieng oh set the date ah ih pahn mwotousang.....deh ia eh PACLANDS??
  • get a

    actually you two are setting a good example on how situations can be handled if we have humility and respect to each other. may it be by soothing words or a wink of an eye or in your case, a cup of coffee, which most likely may lead to one or more koua's. hats off to you two gents.
  • Thank you my friend dearhundter, this is how we handle hard situation, turn it into positive vibes and you will get good result...Deh ia eh dearhunter???

    Ni wahu,

    Your servant asaf
  • Dearhunter,
    We are all adults in here and our actions presents true selves. You are more than welcome to join us for coffee.

    BTW, asaf, let us schedule sometime to sit down and discuss our next move with our plans for our POHNPEI
  • All yours my friend PACLANDS, am awaiting the scheduled date for the meeting from your side.

    Ni wahu,

  • @ Everyone

    A great man I know from Sekere was murdered in Kitti. Open your eyes! Sekere people did not start a war.

    @Juliet thank you for all your points. Your story is as detailed as the stories I hear from many people talking about it. I am now starting to believe that the blame shouldn't fall heavily on the kids from Sekere.
  • Kitti Municipal Police took 3 innocent kids from Sekere down to Kitti and threaten them following the incident. What kind of government is this training their policeman to do such thing to innocent kids. The 3 guys had nothing to do with the incident. Wrong move police men!!!! Who knows what they did to these guys. very very unprofessional. SMH
  • Let's not worry about this issue. The family names of the people involved in the Sekere incident are, Ardos, Liwy, Zarred, Syne, and Loyola. Guess what? They all related. So, end of story cuz maybe it's just a simple family feud. It's just too bad they had to stab. Too much television.
  • It's scary when people are so embittered by each other.

    Free counters!
  • The policemen even threatened the kids to pay them $15 so they drop them off at their homes. SMH!!!! So desperate huh..Unfortunately the kids paid them what they wanted. I bet the money is for their sakau. What kind eh?
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