what was your biggest experience of " culture shock " in another country ?


  • Seeing American kids telling their parent's to F-Off and leave them alone. Also seeing american sending their old parents to senior housings and not taking care of them.
  • & where yo from ? ........
  • I went with a friend to church and the Pastor said if your a man you will give a $100.00 but if not then you are not good enough to be in my church. I never attended after that. It's getting rich to live off the people not the word of God. Don't you see how many families give everything they have to the So Called Pastor and then come home to No Lights No Food and No Money and then get a Eviction Notice on your door and the Kids Crying because they are HUNGRY. WHAT A LIFE OF A PASTOR LIVING IT UP ON FAMILIES THAT ARE SUFFERING. AND HE CAN'T HELP WITH YOUR SITUATION. SAAADDD.
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    Men and Women sharing a sauna fully nude... Norwegians.

    Mind you, I did not make use of the sauna. It was a portable sauna they had setup outside a building that was next to us- this was in Germany. To be totally honest, I didn't actually SEE them in there nude, together but speaking to one of them afterwards, I was told, yes, they were in the sauna together, nude and that the human body was nothing to show off or be ashamed of. To them, everything was totally normal.
  • Wondering how a thought process of elimination arrived at the decision to pick a nut from a tree, wrap it in a pepper leaf from the ground then crush some ocean growing corals into a fine powder, mix it all together and chew it?

    I tried it once, couldn't run to the bathroom fast enough, talk about a natural laxative whilst cold sweating like a crazy man.

    Only in Micronesia.
  • LOL Perhaps you put that wad in the wrong orifice.
  • I think it had something to do with the small dash of local tobacco, from Fais, I think, that was also laced into the concoction. Cold sweats...
  • I've had many opportunities to chew but have successfully resisted all of them...so far. It's one addiction I definitely do not need.
  • Seeing Americans chow down twice as many food in one day.But hey.....THIS IS AMURICA.
  • @Oceandot/ Really? Not sure if all Micronesians do that.Only ones In the Western Hemisphere,but not from where I was born.

    You're talking about beetlenut right?
  • Realizing the US president has orange skin and clown hair.
  • Seeing adult men and women walking on the beach nude, showing their penis and puthy....lol
  • Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say. And you read all of this too!
  • @MrNobody905 putting tobacco, often soaked in alcohol such as Vodka, into their Betel Nut mix was very common amongst the outer islanders when I was on Yap.
  • @redsnapper

    That was pretty funny... kind of reminiscent of the fidgety kid every classroom had growing up.
  • Can not tell where is north from south, east and west for a logn logn time.. talking about uncomfortable..wow!
  • @oceandot/Ah...I see.Here in the east Sakau(or mud drinks that will most likely cause parasite and lung cancer).Is common here.Don't know about the rest who's interested.That stuff disgusts me.
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