President Shithead Shutdown

Orange orangutan shows his leadership and uniting skills by laying an egg and shutting the government down. Make America shitheads again. House, senate & White House equals shutdown. Hahahaha!


  • One year anniversary gift to America, a shutdown. Bravo President shithead! You’re the best shithead the world has ever seen .
  • This is the most asinine discussion I've seen thus far. The house of representatives republicans passed the bill to keep the government from shutting down with a 230 republicans voting yes, while 197 democrats voting no.

    I'm a liberal and a registered democrat but this shutdown is due to the failure of democrats to cede another victory to republicans and mainly to Trump. We democrats especially our senators own this shutdown. There are 51 republicans in the Senate and 49 democrats. 60 votes is number needed to pass any bills in the senate. 50 senators voted to keep the government from shutting including 5 democrats while 4 republicans voted no. Majority republicans voted yes majority democrats voted no. 50 is not enough to passed it. We democrats will lose voters because of this.

    The blame is on us our democrat leadership because they would not agree to a wall which Trump said was the guaranteed measure needed to allowing DACA. Democrats said no. They want their cake and want to eat it at the same time.
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    Here is why democrats are to blame for shutdown.

    First offer from Republicans: Let’s fund the government and pass a DREAM amnesty, as both sides want to do, and in return you give us some concessions on chain migration and the wall. Republicans have no choice but to use DREAM as leverage for those concessions despite their support for the policy because Democrats are incredibly reluctantto tighten admission policies under the best of circumstances. So how about a little something in return for DREAM, in the name of compromise? Nope, says Schumer. Won’t do it. We’ll give you a few billion in mad money for border improvements but we’re not doing anything that might move the U.S. towards skills-based criteria for immigrants and away from “bring the whole family!” policies. Second offer from Republicans: Okay, since we’re stuck on a DREAM deal, let’s table the whole immigration issue for now and instead agree to fund the government and extend CHIP long-term, as both sides want to do. We’ll come back to DREAM afterwards when we’re not facing a hard deadline. Nope, says Schumer. Won’t do it. The amnesty fanatics in my base refuse to let us sign on to any funding deal that doesn’t include DREAM. Even though not only is DACA still in effect, the feds are letting enrollees renew their enrollments. Third offer from Republicans: Okay, since Democrats are hung up on amnesty and worried about voting for a bill that doesn’t include it, let’s temporarily change the rules so that they don’t have to vote for the bill at all. Last night McConnell asked for unanimous consent from the Senate to let Republicans pass a funding bill with 50 votes instead of the 60 that the filibuster requires. It’s not at all certain that he has even 50 votes right now, but he was willing to take full responsibility for the bill’s passage via his caucus alone. If he found the votes he needed, the government would stay open without any Democratic assent to the DREAM-less bill. Nope, said Schumer. Won’t do it. He objected to the motion for unanimous consent. McConnell still needs 60, all but ensuring a shutdown.
  • Democrats voted no on CHIP, The House voted 242-174 to reauthorize federal funding to maintain low-cost health insurance to 8.9 million children and 370,000 pregnant women.

    Democrats Voted no CHIP which they wanted, voted no on wall for daca, daca which they wanted but no on a wall. The got 2 concessions from republicans yet couldn't compromise on 1 republican concession which is a wall. They are willing to let 8.9 million children and millions of american down for their DACA which is a political correct word for illegal immigrants.

    In simple explanation

    Republicans: we will give you CHIP and DACA i return for funding the wall.

    Democrats: No! Just give us CHIP and DACA.

  • Where’s your orange monkeys negotiating skills? Give and take? Let’s wait for the early morning poop tweets.
  • Ever stop to thinking the democrats don’t want the wall because it would mean the Americans taxpayers will pay for it? What happened to your moron monkeys promise that Mexico will pay for it?
  • Please let me know what eating orange monkeys shit taste like? Does it taste like chicken?
  • Redsnapper=the democrats don't want a wall because it would mean the Americans taxpayers will pay for it.

    What about the billions American taxpayers have already for the defunct obama care? Or the billions in taxes paid by american taxpayers for the upkeep of illegals in America? Or the billions taxpayers paid to fund democrat planned parenthood?

    American taxpayers pay $100 billion annually to for the upkeep of illegal living in the US.
  • Please remind me orange monkeys promise?
  • Not so fast there redsnaps, you said democrats don't want the american taxpayers to pay for a wall but are quite o.k with american taxpayers paying 100 billion annually to pay for the upkeep of the illegals/DACA.
  • The promise to make Mexico pay for the wall is still on the table. How you ask its simple by placing 20% tariffs on Mexican goods coming into the US. Trump has floated this option but said it will be used as a last resort. A 20% tariff on mexico will generate over 60 billion dollars and will pay for the wall. But in doing so will hurt and cost 6 million Americans. Trump cares about the American people that is why this is the last option.
  • That’s your long explanation for saying baboon lied and that you gullible followers of orange monkey unexplainably follow.
  • If it was a lie how come democrats are now campaigning to stop trump from enacting tarrif in the future?
  • So starting a trade war is how the wall should be financed? Moron just like your orange monkey.
  • Redsnapper: So starting a trade war is how the wall should be financed?

    You were bitching a few comments back about how he promised to make mexico pay for the wall, now you bitching about Trump making Mexico pay for the wall through tariff.

    You don't want US Taxpayers to fund the wall, you don't want mexico to pay for the wall through tariff. But you want US taxpayers to pay 100 billion annually to illegals living in the US. Like your donkey leaders in D.C you also don't want compromise.
  • This was a article written by the New York Times 1 day ago, The New York times as you know redsnapper is anti trump and anti republicans but for once they see the shutdown as a Democrat shutdown.

    New York Time: Government shutdown because Senate democrats stop measure to keep government operating

    Per NYT: " Senate Democrats, showing remarkable solidarity in the face of a clear political danger, blocked consideration of a stopgap spending measure to keep the government operating."
  • Right you are Mr. Reaper this shutdown is working to Trumps advantage. Majority americans agree with Trump on this.

    CNN POLL on Jan/21/2018
    If midterms were today, which party would you vote for? (change from last)

    Democrats: 49 (-7)
    Republicans 44 (+6)

    The trends are heavily in the favor of the GOP since the tax cut passed.
  • You two keep talking like there is no president trump. The buck stops at his desk. This means he alone owns the shutdown. He could not bring people together through leadership because he talks shit so much that no one wants to work with his ignorant ass. New York Times? Lol. The only people reading that paper is Fox News followers and 3 micro orange baboon butt lips lovers.
  • 51 republicans voted to fund the government and keep it open while 49 democrats voted NO tp shut it down. Like Mr.Reaper said 60 is the number needed to pass but democrats don't want to negotiate. And lets be real democrats have been unreasonable since Trump won in 2016. And also the New York Times and Fox news are two different companies. New York Times is liberal and part of the CNN Fake news outlets but even they realized democrats are to blame like CNN also recognized too.

  • Here is the latest from the most trusted liberal new source aka CNN.

    Two Democrats senators were on CNN this morning and both blamed Republicans for shutdown. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who lied about his service record in Vietnam, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), who also has a history of making false statements. Both appeared on CNN to conduct a interview.

    Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT): Republicans controls both houses of Congress and the Whitehouse and this is their shutdown.

    CNN Host Wolf Blitzer: Senator that is a not entirely true because there are only 51 republicans and 60 is the number needed to break a filibuster. So the claim that democrats have no power in Congress is not true, is it?

    Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT): You are right.

    Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): Republicans refused to fund THE CHILDRENS HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM, and.....

    CNN Host: But it was included in the Continuing Resolution which democrats voted no on.

    Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): but but but they won't authorize.......

    Watch the Video Mr. Reaper and it shows exactly the same argument redsnapper is using. The same narrative the Democrats are using and it is the shutdown is republicans and trump because they control 3 branches. These fools forget that votes are needed and they voted no in the house of representative and senate. They voted 2 time to shut down the government.
  • This from VOX.COM a liberal leaning outlet which was founded by Ezra Klein a columnist from the Washington Post.

    The strategic case for — and against — Democrats shutting down the government over DACA
    Dozens of Senate Democrats have said they are withholding their votes from any government funding bill that doesn’t address DACA. If they hold firm, the federal government will shut down at midnight Friday.

    These Democrats’ argument, essentially, is that it’s time to take a stand for DREAMers. A show of strength at a high-profile deadline, they think, is the only way to force a recalcitrant White House to get serious on the issue. They say the public supports a deal, and that Republicans’ own divisions on spending give Democrats an opening.

    The illegal immigrants and future democrats voters are the reason for this shutdown.
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    Here is a video from 2013 in which democrat leader Senator. Charles Schumer said the lawmakers shouldn't hold the goverment hostage over immigration issues and calling this tactic " policy of idiocy and confrontation paralysis"

    Fast forward to 3 days ago when democrats held the government hostage over 800-000 illegal aliens a tactic Schumer said was idiocy and will cause problems. This is hypocrisy at its best. 2013 its not good but in 2018 its all good.


  • How’s that karma treating your orange baboon? Lol.
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    You totally are a moron red snapper like factsmatter there. Trump was not in politics in 2013. He entered politics in 2016. And its working for him since this is seen by americans as a democrats shutdown.
  • Democrats agree to republicans demand to open government and guess what DACA is not on the bill. It also means the democrats will agree to fund Trumps wall and stricter immigration policy.
  • Until feb8. That’s 2 weeks. Wow that’s some negotiating master skills your orange monkey has pulled out of his shithole. A full 17 days. Wow!
  • Nothing says the deal maker like one that lasts 17 days! He truly is the greatest art of the deal pussy grabber the worlds ever known.
  • Still no shutdown, democrats came the table their knees ready to suck some D@£Ks and agreed to GOPs demand. Got nothing in return but agreed to pay for border wall. Also agreed to stricter immigration reforms.
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