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Hi there,

I have recently received a new student from Micronesia. I was wondering if anyone had a listing of some general science terms in Chuukese that I can use. Unfortunately the online translators I've found are extremely limited.

Specifically, I'm trying to find Chuukese words for the following terms:


Also, any mathematical operational terms (add, subtract, divide, multiply) would be extremely helpful. Thanks!


  • Kaselehlie Idahoteach,

    I live in Pohnpei and know Pohnpeian but don't speak Chuukese. However, I want to provide you as much as help as I can.

    Here is a useful website for you: http://www.trussel2.com/trk/findera.htm

    It's an online Chuukese Dictionary.

    Under Speed we have:

    apachchawa cause to hurry, make speed up, accelerate.
    emwittiri hurry, make go fast, speed up.
    echchini speed, hurry (one’s speech).

    émwékút acceleration, making speedier.
    émwékútú accelerate, make speedier; cause to move or run (as with a machine), start (an engine).

    amwata cause to climb or ascend speedily.

    essif run, go quickly, be speedy.

    Under Distance we have:

    enaan that yonder (visible but at a distance from both speaker and person addressed).
    engaf one fathom (distance from fingertip to fingertip of out-stretched hands).
    epu one stroke in swimming (in measuring distance).

    ekis₁ foreign place, distant land, alien land.

    Under Time we have:

    a-₂ (In ptv. const.) marks ordinal numbers; (in dis. form) marks numbers at a time.
    ana ana iya in that place, at that time (previously named or just referred to).
    apwaapwa rejoice, have a good time, celebrate.
    Ááp₂ a sidereal month, marked by the star of this name and corresponding roughly to November, reported to be so named because people are repeatedly carrying fermented breadfruit from the fermenting pits to their homes at this time.
    eppeyis strive to endure physical stress (as in holding one's breath for a long time or withstanding pain without flinching).
    echinichin cry all the time; be swollen eyed from crying.
    echichchin cry all the time.
    émwúchchú terminate, bring to an end, do for the last time, put an end to.
    emwmwúch be a termination, be a last time.

    Under Move we have: (there's nothing I see for "movement")

    aapa move (something) to one side.
    aapééch move (something) to one side.
    affanger mill around (of a crowd), move to and fro aimlessly within a crowd (of people, fish, etc.).
    aranga cause to stiffen in defense, cause to parry, trick into a defensive move by a feint, put on the defensive.
    ámára move or push (something) away, cause to be moved.
    ánnif move quietly or stealthily, sneak.
    ánnifa move or remove (something) quietly or stealthily.
    ekiiy lift, move (something) by lifting.
    ekini₁ cause to be moved out of the way, remove; (refl.) move out of the way.
    epwisipwisi beat (the lips) together without making any noise; make (something) barely move.
    eti- move, go.
    aapéngeni move (something) to one side.
    émwékútú accelerate, make speedier; cause to move or run (as with a machine), start (an engine).

    Under Energy we have:

    Nothing? I don't find anything for energy. It's possible that it's not in the online dictionary, or that they use a loan word or even the word "energy" itself.

    Under Work we have:

    aséésé be resting, rest (from work), take a vacation.
    asééw cause to rest, make quit work, give a vacation to, lay off (from work).
    angaang work, handling of things, performance, way of doing things.
    angaang be working, engage in work, perform.
    angaanga put (someone) to work.
    angaangaffat work without pay or to no purpose.
    angaangakkáy work quickly; be quick (in work).
    angaangangngaw perform badly; be clumsy (in work).
    angaangefich work well, perform well.
    angas (be) adept, naturally able in all kinds of work, widely skilled.
    angakkáy handle quickly; work quickly.
    angammang work slowly; take or handle slowly.
    angata work too hard, work to the point of collapse, be overworking.
    átaangas person who is industrious and naturally capable of effectively accomplishing all kinds of work.
    ekitetit persevere, be zealous, work hard toward a goal.
  • Thank you so much! My student is progressing nicely with English but this will help.
  • Speed - Mwitir
    Distance - Towaw
    Time - Kunok
    Movement - Mwokut
    Energy - Pochokun
    Work - Angang

    I stand to be corrected because those words in Chuukese have multiple meanings. Perhaps others can share their views.
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