(Liberals) ABC-Washington Post Poll show Majority of Americans don't care about Russia investigation


49% are interested 51% aren't. Also shows that 23% of the respondents were republicans while 40% were democrats and still majority of respondents don't care about the Democrat and media narrative.


  • @Reaper. Like most polls/surveys, they can be tailored where responses can be broken down and interpreted to benefit the party taking these polls/surveys. Its more of a customer based method for weighing or rating services. Business oriented because Trump is a businessman. As you may observe, the polls favorably lean to the party conducting the polls.

    Even with all these polls, it still wont help Trump if he is proven by Mueller to have colluded with the Russians, not to mention alleged intentional tampering with US presidential elections. He broke a law which the constitution allows congress power to impeach and throw him in jail. It would be the first for US.

    If Trump is relieved of any or all accusations, most likely the prosecution will target Trump Jr. Big challenge for the Trump senior because hes going to have to choose between throwing his own son in jail or exercise his presidential powers giving a pardon and then face the backlash.

    Tough times for the President Trump. The suspense, the thrill, and fake drama ..............means nothing to me whats-over. LOL!

  • That's the point this poll was conducted on a majority liberal or should i say democrat leaning pool and the outcome was majority don't care about the russian investigations.

    As for Trump junior nothing came about his meetings. Hillary and DNC did the same with their dossier which was helped with informations supplied by a Russian agent. Trump jr is in the clear because its not illegal to procure informations that will damage ones opponent in a campaign. Case in being DNC&Hillary funded dossier which FBI is using to investigate Trump Sr.

    No laws were broken in Trumps firing of Comey. Comey admitted under oath while testifying in Congress that Trump didn't try to impede the investigations. "According to my knowledge the President didn't do such a thing" this is a direct quote from comey.

    And under the constitution its not the special counsel job to pursue impeachment, only recommend. It will be up to Congress and as we know 3 motions to impeach was set in motion in congress to vote to impeach Trump and all fail with a majority in lower house and upper house voting NO. Also its my duty to remind you that the top democrats who pushed the collusion story all voted NO to impeach.
  • Poor mainstream media. Trying to show a lopsided poll that went against itself. Poor poor mainstream media.
    Two senior FBI OFFICIALS have reviewed the memo that documents FBI and DOJ surveillance abuse and both concluded that the memo has ZERO INACCURACIES.It means its all based on facts. Now democrats have released their own memo which they have made not available to the public.

  • The huffpost which is liberal but imply that its neutral did a poll right after the state of the union and gave 4 choices 1-good 2-somewhat good 3-bad and 4-worst. Over 114,000 participated in the poll and 77% picked 1 with 35% picking 4. Even with the choices stacked up against him the majority picked 1.

    Its no doubt Trump will win again in 2020. Trump Campaig fundraising is getting money from even people who didn't vote for him in 2016. This is another indicator that the investigations will go nowhere and its Trump is already preparing for the 2020 reelection campaign.
  • Eveyone hates him except the, 61 million that voted for him. By vote, he is for the people. Not other peoples.haha!
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    There are 300 million americans only 127 million americans voted in 2016. 173 million americans didn't vote.

    If you look at the voting map of 2016 by counties this is what you get. Republican-Trump/Red while democrats-Clinton/blue.

    Trump Won 3,084 of 3,141 Counties, Clinton Won 57 counties. The blues are the "everyone" who hates Trump while the Red are the ones who support him. The haters are the minority.
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