Chuuk Northwest What will be your decision comes 2019...

But not Senators. (2021)

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  • Rumor has it that there are multiple candidates for Congress, but I am unclear as to who.
  • Up to this very moment most of the things that our elected leaders vowed to bring about for the betterment of our islands have not yet brought about. Is it that they said so to win their elections? Better campaign without vows gentlemen. Talking about whom to choose, or who to represent?.......????????!.
  • Sandman, here is what I know so far: Rafil Kono, (the EPA's director's son -The late Joe Kono), Diophil Ikea (former Catholic priest assigned to Machew area who eloped to US mainland with his secretary), Moses Nelson (former fsm congress who is incumbent Robson's uncle), Vidalino Raatior (Used to work at a university on Hilo), Arisauo Aichem (former senator Kisano's son) and Sander Refilong (former instructor at UOG). everyone of the candidates from Pattiw with the exception of Vid are working together to split Robson's vote, a tactic devised by a tyrant and his cohort.

    2019 is still far and of course there will be changes to make and reshuffling that some of the candidates will withdraw their candidacies if less vote is going their ways. Diophil Ikea is one in particular and then there is the chance of other names to be added on to the list....and so on and so forth until heaven drops......
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