FSM Election 2019

It's just one year away and I am sure everyone should be interested in finding out should there be newcomers. Or, been there but coming back like Pohnpei's recent election of ED2. Will leave the rest for others that may be interested to jump-start this discussion.


  • Good possibility there will be newcomers from some Districts. A new generation now dominating the polls will make the majority and they are more oriented to a much more stable and self-sufficient FSM. Or should i say more well informed. What say you Sir Oalong?
  • Good luck on your hopes and Dreams and as they say, you all keep on dreaming......lol, how long have we had politics and yet you still see the tides turn against your needs to see things change. it ain't never going to change in this lifetime, in our lifetime and in our short 40 year history of politics, greed will creep in to anyone who becomes a politician, it is human nature and no one politician can withstand the want to do such abomination acts.....
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    Ai tungol sekeren mesik pahn kupwuromwail ohl oh lih kelik ko......My friend Oalong, if you want to feel me, cast a vote on my behalf....hehehe...God bless FSM.

    Ni wahu,

    Souwar tikitik asaf
  • Very interesting with so many views yet only 3 comments. Really, when we are at the door step of this big event? In response to deer hunter, I wished what he you shared could be true but, things seems to be going the with the status quo. asaf should get in there because as soon as he puts his name there, i will be one of his supporters. Now going on with this discussion, I am sure not many Citizens are aware that this is the highest paying job within the FSM. The only obstacle is getting elected. Once there, with the sudden influx of extra revenue into your pockets, it will be beyond your wildest dreams. So asaf, go for it.
  • thanks to you fine gents, you proved my point.
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