Pohnpei State and Chuuk State hawk overseas donanted travel and grants provided for all 4 States

The despicable practice continues on and presently gotten worst with the President being from Pohnpei and most of his Cabinet and key staff are from those two States, not to mention 90% of the staff in all offices are mostly from those two States......While power and money grew in these two States so is selfishness and greed. The perfect remedy for disaster. When will this practice of favorism and greed end?


  • I meant DONATED....
  • and when will partnership, cooperation and solidarity and brotherhood be seen, realized and take place in this nation or at least shown? none, nothing...
  • The favoritism, started with every Administration from Nakayama, to Haglelgam, then Olter, Nena, Falcam, Urusemal, Mori and now Christian will continue forever until we change things. Change can only be when my friend Taxi and them in Chuuk successfully torpedo the federation and allow for four separate countries/entities. Palau, Saipan and Marshall saw this lack of unity coming so they went their separate ways in the 1970s. Chuuk sees that and needs constructive thought but not outright ridiculing.
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