Washington State Senate passes Bill to Provide health care for Marshall Islanders

The State of Washington just passed bill 5683, to provide health care more Marshallese living in Washington.

The arguing point for passing the bill was that the US used the Marshall islands to conduct nuclear testings in Bikini atoll and that the US owed this to the people of Marshall islands.

The Marshall islands testings were the key factor to passing bill 5683. Citizens of Palau and FSM are also included in the heath care coverage in bill 5683.



  • Good thing we have open minded and caring Palauans and FSMers helping out..lol
  • Saka it was a Marshallese lead initiative. The single factor leading to it's passing was the tests in the Marshalls. Marshallese advocates have been fighting for this for years, FSMers and Palauans got involved recently.
  • And your point is...what?
  • Why it has to be seperate when the issues are shared by all COFA nations...yes thanks for the tireless advocacy by RMI folks..
  • My point is Saka is that this has been a goal Marshallese have fought for before you guys got involved. So FSM got tested with nuclear bomb too? If true no wonder your people claim the same thing too.
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