Chuuk State to lease Anna's Resort to build a 100 rooms Hotel

Chuuk State is to lease Anna's Resort to build a 100 rooms hotel. Wow if Chuuk state can lease and build such then why is chuuk's infrastructure poor? How can the government build such but cannot fix the roads, cannot fix the problem of field trip ships, cannot increase the wages of its employees and some.

I don't know but it will be ashame of our csl if they approve such. I smell something very fishy here.


  • Who is going to run/manage the resort, Koreans or Taiwanese?
  • Ekieki, your information is wrong. Chuuk State asks the Legislature to appropriate the $750,000 as possible capital contribution in that venture, (not lease), but the main partners are the AWM Resort and the Taiwanese hotel chain on Guam. You remember those four stars hotels built/owned by Taiwanese in Palau. Now we want to do those same kinds of investments for Chuuk, and you guys still criticize Chuuk for trying? Leave the infrastructure criticism out, because that is the job of the Compact Infrastructure Grant managed by JEMCO. Let's try to be reasonable as 2023 is approaching fast and Chuuk has to examine all possible economic and political development options. Be a team player if you really have no reason to oppose Chuuk's efforts at self survival.
  • Taxi-Womw

    Thank you for clearifying that chuuk state will not lease but rather a possible capital contribution to the Taiwanese hotel chain. So if its only a "possible" capital contibution then where will that money comes from? Does chuuk state has the resource to contribute that much and not neglect the well being of our stretch and hurting infrastructure? How much money will chuuk state gets out of this venture? I do applaud all that our leaders have done and are trying to do but just because Palau did it doesn't necessarily means chuuk will be prosperous in doing so.

    But then again what do I know, I do hope our leades have already do their feasiblity study on such and more to benefit not only their pockets but all citizen of our great state of chuuk. I know 2023 is fast approaching, nge io mwo sia ereni nge si pusin nounou nouch ewe itenap "Chuukei Chok".

  • Taxi-Womw

    Kinisou Chapwur...
    I rest my case iei uwa pwusin areni ei nge use fen chiwen weweiti.
  • Omusano Taxi nge ngang emon fakkun sani me aneanei epwe kanapono investment non tourism operation pwun ussun ai wewengaweiti mwoni tonong chok ena. Iwe sia fakkun pwapwa ach sia sinei nge men wor na anapanap ren an epwe wor partnership an AWM ngeni ena Taiwanese company.

    Met u ekis tiparoch won, ena $750,000.00 Chuuk State government epwe contribute ngeni ena investment an ew private company me ew foreign company. Pwat ina me mecheresin an mwuun epwe ngeni ena company na ukukun mwoni won eoch mettoch ese mwo fis? Omusano, use i kapas eis ai upwe esita ika opwut. Nge ukan chok mochen weweiti ena ititin pwun iei kich men kuna nge a fen pwan i fite ekkei hotel men owned by locals 100% me men pwan wor ina epwe 2 ika men owned 50/50 just because the hotels are owned by couple who are also 50/50. Nge pwata ese pwan tori ekkewe ra fen established ena investment/contribution pwun repwe pwan tongeni upgrade ar kana existing hotels?

    That's a lot of money that the 4 star hotels in Guam dont need as much as we in Chuuk do.

    Tirow womi me Ekieki. Sipwe popporous pwun sipwe wewe.
  • I have a question. Since the FSM recognizes the "One China" policy, can we even do business with Taiwan?
  • Sand,

    That is the FSM One-China policy in the diplomatic spheres; this is the Chuuk "many china" policy in economic development spheres. The two can be harmonious, just like the US "Strategic denial" right over the FSM is not violated by the acceptance of People's Republic of China economic development assistance in the FSM.


    Chuuk esap ngeni ekkena private companies me foreign hotel company ena $750,000 pwe epwe ani some amount of it as capital contribution non ena AWM Resort project pwun epwe mecheres ne ponuweta. EXAMPLE: Ika pwe emon soufonu non ena area epwe omwochu fonuwan seni ena project, Chuuk epwe kamo noun shares in the company, iwe fen moni ena fonu, and lease it to the project epwe aea (and get double pay through dividends and rent). Non annukun eminent domain ikenai, economic development is a legitimate public purpose to justify use of eminent domain. See the following US Supreme Court case of Kelo v. City of New London:

    Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005) was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another private owner to further economic development. In a 5–4 decision, the Court held that the general benefits a community enjoyed from economic growth qualified private redevelopment plans as a permissible "public use" under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

    (If the Chuukese people do not utilize their lands, they should be innovative enough to allow their lands for productive government economic development we are getting closer to 2023.)

    Omusano, Sin, ika ese menemenoch ponuwan.
  • Thank you Taxi, but the "One China" policy is a matter of foreign affairs, under the national government, not Chuuk State. No?
  • Thanks brother Sabrest - straight forward, simple and well understood. Satisfied.
  • All,
    It still smells fishy. It is a risky investment and Chuuk should study this very carefully, look into the background of the companies involved, do a cost/benefit analysis before wasting that huge amount of monies that could have been used to fund the 4 unaccredited schools in Faichuk.
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