Great Wall of China

Our current leaders and businessmen of Chuuk State are almost paid up like the Palauans to become puppets to the Chinese. Time to act now before it's too late. Vote No and vote for Change...


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    Rise up & be strong, fellow brothers and sisters, join me and sail our canoe with the wind of change.
  • Brother Mach3w,
    You need to change your course, the wind of change your talking about is already controlled by the Team Yes. Speed up your canoe before the Team Yes continue their course to take control your Team No from your respective Region.

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput
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    Braddah Kepwan,
    I don't have a team, party or agenda but I'm just a common and concern citizen like you. What I'm trying to say is to vote "NO" due to the fact that our current leaders are bunch of crooks and thieves. Therefore, help fight organized crime and re-elect nobody. Time to give government back to the people.
  • Brother Mach3w,
    Thank you for your time to reply my previous comment. I want you to aware that I do not have a party either. I used to have one called K.C.C ( Kote Chok Chona ) during my College years but it no longer exist due to low of funds. I too appreciated what's your position on the Chuuk Movement and your plan to fight organized crimes and not to re-elect nobody. I am more than happy to be part and fully support your position on the Movement for Chuuk.

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput.
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    $$$$$ B Ja and catcher $$$$
    same old chuuk
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