Tech Giant Cisco to invest $67 Billion in US due to GOP/TRUMP tax cut law

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Multinational tech Giant Cisco just announced that it will bring over its overseas cash amounting to $67 billion back into the US and invest it into the US economy. Cisco cites the GOP/TRUMP tax cut law as the main reason its doing this. Cisco follows Apple inc in doing this. Microsoft, Google and Oracle are said to announce the same move in coming months.

The GOP/TRUMP law is the main reasin over 2 million americans have seen bonuses and the reason minimum wage have went up and the reason why companies have spend more on 401ks and workers healthcare. The Democrats said it would fail but reuslts are saying otherwise.

More jobs
More bonuses
More spending
Within the US.

A strong and vibrant American economy means a safer world.


  • Now, this is positive administration. A strong vibrant America would translate to strong defense which will, in turn, be very good to small island country such as the Federated States of Micronesia.
  • Fake news. Cisco Systems will bring $67 billion it has stored overseas to avoid paying fair taxes on its profits. They will pay $11 billion in taxes on that money (16 percent, not even the 21% rate on corporate profits under the new tax law). They have announced a new $25 billion share buyback, reducing the $67 billion down to $31 billion, and increasing the per share value of its stock for its shareholders. Most of that will be paid out to shareholders (very rich people) in the form of increased dividends. There will not be a $67 billion investment in more jobs, more bonuses, more spending. Just richer rich people.
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    @SaremChuuk, overseas profits it has kept on foriegn soil to avoid paying taxes in the US. Due to the GOP/TRUMP Tax Cuts that foriegn profit is expatriated back home to U.S soil where it was kept away from. Nice statistic breakdown but its a exact wording from a CNN {FAKE NEWS} story about this topic.

    1. CISCO to reward investors in upward to $44 billion.

    2. Cisco announced a $25 billion increase in its stock buyback program and a dividend boost of 14%, helped lead to a 6.7% jump in its stock price in after-hours trading.

    Other companies to make or predict similar moves include Apple (which said it would pay $38 billion to bring home over $250 billion), Citigroup (which paid $22 billion), Goldman Sachs (which paid $4.4 billion), and Bank of America, American Express and JPMorgan Chase (all paid over $2 billion).
  • Washington Post: Senate Democrats falsely claim GOP tax plan will raise taxes for most working-class families

    Two top democrats who are now contending for the presidency in 2020 have now changed their mind on the GOP/TRUMP tax cuts and both have just recently realized their error and have went on the record and admit the tax cut is good for the middle class and AMERICA IN GENERAL. Who are these senators? Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Both of whom opposed itnat first but are now singing different tunes and praising the tax cuts.
  • Invest in Cisco shares my fellow micronesians. Invest! Cisco shares are going for 65 cent a piece and the company is going to implement a $25 billion stock buy back. A single share bought for 65 cent could be bought back by Cisco for $7.00 dollars. Invest!

    Buy shares in google and Microsoft and Oracle. As reported in coming weeks these companies will do the same move as Cisco.
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