2019 FSM Election is approaching! Any latest on who is running for Office 4 & 2 years fromChuuk?

4 years Term
At-Large representing Chuuk State Incumbent Wesney Simina
2 years Term
Faichuk Region Incumbent Tiwiter Aritos
Southern Namoneas Region Incumbent Terensio Konman
Northern Namoneas Region Incumbent Victor " Vicky " Gouland
Mortlocks Region Incumbent Singkoro Harper
Northwest Region Incumbent Robson Romolow


  • For the record, I have absolutely no knowledge about Chuukese politics and have no interest in a particular candidate beyond a broader hope for Chuuk to be a successful state that serves the needs of its citizenry. That said, the name Singkoro is incredible and I hope whoever runs against him in the Mortlocks has an equally captivating name.
  • Regarding the Chuuk secession crucial matter, I propose that we retain all incumbents. We need to focus our immediate attention on how do we move forward on this important matter of Chuuk State Political status in view of what 2023 and afterward may bring upon us given the expiration of the financial assistance of the Compact.
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