Public Apology for Wrongful Statements Against Telecom

So over a month ago, I posted a discussion regarding FSMTC's island power disconnection due to a quarter of a million dollar sales in unpaid bills with PUC.

I have been less than kind to the telecom's board and to the management as I felt I needed to push the boundaries and force the public to understand the regrettable but truly avoidable demise of this corporation and how these individuals actions have been allowed to go unchecked for far too long.

However, just last week, I was informed by a trusted colleague that FSMTC had stated they were unwilling to pay for their utility bill due to a dispute with their billing statement and not because they did not have the necessary funds to allocate payment.

I felt sick to my stomach and felt pangs of guilt from publicly accusing the CEO and the Board for their inability to run the corporation.

Had I really been that misinformed? I thought to myself, if my actions sprouted from my being unable to be objective and from false information then I needed to find a way to redeem myself or publicly apologize for jumping the gun for that matter.

So I did my due diligence. I inquired around and found out that Telecom was informing their close friends and acquaintances that they had contracted an Australian professional to support their claim that PUC was wrongly billing them. I do not know all the details but this kind of confused me as well as worried me.

If this was really the case, would it not have been more prudent for FSMTC to file for a temporary restraining order in order to stop PUC from disconnecting their island power with out probable cause? I mean if telecom truly did have supporting facts provided by a professional, would there not be some sort of litigation filed against PUC for disconnecting their power and for basically damaging their public image?

This CEO is notoriously known for stating claims without any reports or facts to support his claims. It has been nearly 2 months since the island power disconnection fiasco and aside from the ridiculously childish retaliation from telecom in the form of temporarily disconnecting PUC's land lines, I have not heard anything else.

I inquired further from noteworthy individuals whether FSMTC's stance regarding wrongful billing was an actual truth and what I got in response was FSMTC was spinning tales to basically twist the facts and sidestep the issue. This is a basic Trump tactic and one that I have seen done so many times by the CEO of Telecom.

After feeling the guilt that I may have been wrongfully accusing FSMTC, this latest news was definitely a huge weight off my shoulders. It is unfortunate that this CEO is able to manipulate this situation to the point it seems like PUC is the bad guy however I hope all my discussions and comments have shown you that this is not the first and definitely not the last of the many lies that have proliferated out of FSMTC from this CEO. From first hand experience with this individual, he has always feigned ignorance and disbelief when confronted with a situation.

If you happen to question him on anything of a negative nature involving himself, he will always have an excuse yet he never has the data to back himself up. Go ahead and see for yourself. This is what you call a fraud.

To conclude, I guess I will not be apologizing for my previous statements as it seems the fake news continues from Telecom.. Thank goodness. :)


  • And the stomach grinding business goes on.
  • :) I am nothing if not persistent.
  • Tirow...tirow...

    Quite interesting. At first, I was taken aback on the contents of the 1st paragraph, however, I should commend you for being keenly apologetic on the misconstrued stories.

    I was skeptical on what you had initially reported on the twist in events. Good to know that what you had observed still stands as true and that the actions of the FSMTC CEO are still undoubtedly questionable .

  • After several weeks of rumors, it has finally been confirmed that Mr. Bernard Mendis will be returning to FSMTC to take up his former position as the IT Manager for the corporation. In my opinion, he should either be the Chief of Operations (COO) or Chief Technical Officer (CTO) but that is a discussion for another day.

    In any case, this serves as a glimmer of hope that the board and this CEO have finally accepted the need for expert professionals to come on board to actually provide the corporation with the desperately needed experience and knowledge it deserves.

    FSMTC needs truly epxerienced and knowledgable professionals capable of providing actual legitamacy to this administration. I can honesty say that this is the first time in more than 10 years I finally feel confident that FSMTC just might be ale to turn things around for the better. Let us all hope it isn't already too late to reverse the damage created by the CEO.

    But for now, it seems Mr. Mendis has already provided positive energy to the corporation. This is the first time in a very long time that the CEO has finally taken time out of his personal schedule to report to work on a consecutive basis.

    Things are looking better already however let us hope the consistency continues.

  • Why the Board doesn't take the necessary action to fire the incompetent CEO?
  • @SerekinNoufich, the Chairman of the Board is the CEO's in-law.
  • Snowden

    Few weeks or months ago, you said that CEO was asking Mendis to come back to FSM Telecom, and his response was the middle finger. Now he is coming back? What happen?
  • Revolution, I guess the information I received was wrong. Although, In my defense, the info I provided earlier was from last year.
  • There needs to be changes at the Board level. If the Board and the CEO are too cozy, then there will be lack of oversight due to conflicts of interests. In this particular case, the Chairman and the CEO are in-laws. In the US Corporate industry, this type of arrangement is not allowed due to potential conflicts of interests.

    What is really needed is for the FSM Congress to step in, chop up FSMTC into 4 equal parts through a Congressional Mandate that states by such and such date, FSMTC should re-organize itself into four separate independent Public Telecom Utility Corporations based on the Public Utilities privatization model which is now in use throughout the FSM for the electric and water utilities. This model has proven to be quite effective in improving these types of critical public infrastructures throughout the FSM.

    Perhaps a special taskforce appointed by the FSM Congress will be needed to get this task done within 2 years.
  • Nepotism is the phrase
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