I said this months ago that the continual 24/7 coverage of this guy will only backfire on us.

A recently released Conservative political action conversance poll shows that Trump is now getting a freaking 93% approval from his party and it's members.

I knew from the start that coverage of this moron will only lead to his advantage. With mid terms coming the news coverage as went up. Instead of dividing his supporters and his party it's uniting them. If the democrats and media want to take back the house and Senate they need to stop giving this idiot free fucking advertising. This is how he won in the first fucking place.

300 million Americans. 77% of the US population is White. 55% of the white population are registered republicans. 73% of the US is Christian and identify as Conservative. These are the known facts. And if these fuckers get their shit together they can indefinitely win the any presidential race, Senate race and Congressional race.

Now all these factors now approve of Trump by 93%. God forbids they go out in force this November and vote. If they do they will keep their majority in Congress and the Senate and comes next election they will put that orange moron in the White House again.

He is using tweeter, the free coverage either negative or positive to his advantage. They republicans have never been this United. The last time they were was under Ronald Regan.
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