Newly Launched GPS Fleet Tracking Service for Pohnpei and the FSM

Good morning to all forum members.

We are a locally owned and operated GPS Fleet Tracking Service. We launched our GPS Tracking Service last month and our service is slowing gaining acceptance with businesses and we soon hope to serve government organizations as well interested consumers who are concerned about the use of their vehicles.

GPS Tracking Services have gained huge popularity due to the need of tracking assets as well as the reduction of fuel costs. For as low as $.50 cents a day, you will see a cost saving of $5.00 to $10.00 of fuel reduction due to improved driving behavior.

We appreciate any comments.

Thank you.





  • @TrackitdotFM.

    Do not limit to taxis. Businesses that provide road service deliveries to mom and pop stores around the island, government vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, or institutions with fleets of vehicles like the College of Micronesia.

    I believe the good intentions of your company is for cost effectiveness and improved accountability so its good to help out the private sector, but dude, this is the time to crack down on abuse of government property.

    This is the day all public auditors are dying for lol! Nothing better to arrive with all records digitally in order and easily accessible for their use.

    If your looking for a custodian to clean your office, im your man!

  • dearhunter, thank you for the positive comments. we are currently contacting government agencies as well as private business to subscribe to our services. we do expect the bulk of the subscriptions to be from the government sector however it may be difficult since they will be policing themselves and that is one subject that is hard to approach.

    As for the custodian position, you are over qualified. Perhaps if the business takes off for the whole of FSM, you can apply for an executive position. :)

  • This service would work wonders for our fisheries departments. Employees out at sea? Enjoy a little peace of mind by knowing, if anything goes wrong, the office knows exactly where you are.
  • @TackitDotFM. Appreciate much the offer but I like working that corporate ladder, step by step. haha.
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