Documents for a home loan

Hello, my name is sam and I am a home loan officer... I currently have 2 client from FSM who are interested in buying a home. I am trying to sort out the difference between what is needed to work and live in the United States, and what is needed in addition to that to purchase a home. I have been told to encourage my client to apply for an EAD card in addition to the I-94 and passport.

Has anyone dealt with this recently that can shed a little light so that I may help my clients?
Thanks. -sam


  • I used to be an FSM Citizen and lived and worked in the USA for many years. While there, I also got a home loan through Wells Fargo Bank, all that was needed was my US SSN, my I-94, passport, and proof of employment, and income. I was approved in about a week and a half for 6% APR - 15 YR loan.
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