IT LOOKS like fire and fury does work after all. South Korean leaders came from a meetings they had with North Korean leaders and the message told to them was the North Koreans are will to suspend missile testings and nuclear tests and also thar North Korea is also willing to denuclearize.

After being hit with hard sanctions by the Trump administration along with ramping up of US forces and the Trump administration willingness to use Military force are all factors in this development.

Some said fire and fury and sanctions will not work but we are seeing that it does.


  • Zzzzzzzz. Prefer fire and fury. What’s changed?
  • You mean war? I thought you were mad because Trump was going to start a war now that he has achieve what no US President has done now you want war? Micronesia is within range of North Korea missiles.

    There is a famous saying that " only Nixon could go to China" now they will say "Only Trump could go to North Korea".

    In no less than 1 year he has brought the rogue Nation of North Korea to it's knees and to the negotiation table. Fire and fury worked.
  • Wow! Let's hope that this is true.
  • Repo, you obviously have not been paying attention the last 30 years. NK will pull out and do what they always have. Orange butt lips ain’t going to ever meet the NK leader. Too risky . But we will see what fruits the meeting of 2 self glorifying nut cases will possibly achieve. Don’t start celebrating when nothing’s actually happened.
  • Btw, has Mexico put a down payment yet on orange fuck faces wall?
  • Now the media or the left wing propaganda don't want Trump to meet the North Koreans because they say it's risky. The media think the North will somehow attack Trump at the meeting. But think for a second why would they attack the US president at the meeting?

    By attacking Trump like the media suggest will bring war. Kims sole mission is to preserve his regime.

    If this goes down Trump will go down as one of the all time greatest US president amongst George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Red snapper you said Trumps policy will lead to war, now that same policy has lead to North Korea willing to denuclearize and now you say that the meetings are too risky. You are saying the same thing CNN is saying. You guys hate to admit it but a reality T.V star has done something no professional politicians has ever done. Looks like the TV star has done something that hasn't been done in the last 30 years.
  • Reaper, u should slow down.....things can change, Trump needs this..he is underwater. Saying things much easier than actuslly doing them.
  • Underwater? How is that so? Economy all time high? Cutting regulations at a record phase. 2,000,000 jobs created since taking office. ISIS defeated. Cut federal funds left wing projects. Pulled US out of Paris deal. Getting companies to give $1,000 bonuses to 2,000,000 Americans. Also getting companies to bring to the US their overseas money. Put a check on Obamacare. Passed a tax cut. Rebuilding the military. So how is he underwater?

    Also got North Korea to come to the table.
  • She going bust because of the full force policy of maximum pressure being applied by Trump. Also a factor into her coming to the table.
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