Micronesian Atheist

Yokwe/Hello I'm a Micronesian with atheistic views.Non believer to any religion.I was wondering if there are any fellow science indulged individuals on this site.


  • MrNobody905, you are in the minority my friend. Most people in our islands are either Catholic or Protestant, with a few members of other religions. Good luck though.
  • MrNobody905, I ain't atheist but I still do believe in our old gods. Just like the Ri-Maanbe
  • @Sandman/Kommol sandman.Hopefully there are some here within Micforum.A rare group.At a young age I left Christianity for many reasons.Being an Athiest isn't easy.I try to respect religious folks any way possible but am finding that difficult.Non religious folks and devoted believers doesn't mix well.

    @Junair/Inbox me I've got some questions to ask regarding our old religion.
  • imageI don't believe in "ghosts" that never existed..
  • @MrNobody905 Wusup tho?! I wouldnt consider myself athiest, coming to any conclusion like that seems naive in a world of ever expanding information and knowledge. I live on PNI, grew up in a highly Catholic Family, entirely, im talking extended and everything. Like most families the eldest male(grandfather im my case) sets the religious tone and everyones gotta follow regardless how u feel. I also attended a Baptist Academy from 3rd till graduation,so u can see the divide. I was for a long time, engulfed in it, as most of us are, especially when u have no way of knowing even where to look for alternative views. Once I reached college, a cousin of mine introduced me to the movie, Zeitgeist the first edition. IT FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE, AND VIEWS ON REALITY. If you havent seen it I suggest everyone, believers and non-believers to watch all 3 parts. Heres the link for anyone interested. A lot of truth in it, hard to dispute. Regardless, like anyone who starts out on this journey to right-knowledge and enlightenment, its only a stepping stone, and anyone who truly seeks to know the truth, understands that the journey NEVER ends, not in this lifetime at least. So for anyone to come to any type of conclusion to say, there is a God or there isnt, or whether theres one god or multiple, or whether the vril exist or annunaki, etc... is truly naive. The only thing a wise man knows, is that he knows nothing. Science can disprove many things, however thats all it can do. Once upon a time bloodletting was considered medical treatment, now we KNOW through science that thats bullshit. Once we had no choice but to accept what was shoved down our throats by religious institutes,whether it was the Catholics, who deemed those not able to read Latin, not worthy of the "word" of god. And had to then disseminate their interpretations no matter how far fetched, as divine truth. Or whether it be NASA, who faked the moonlandings, and spacewalks, to the shape of the earth. However now, through breakthroughs in science and technology, anyone can purchase a drone or high altitude ballon, Telescope,etc.. and test for yourself. So I guess I share pretty much the same views or intent as u, I jus cant say whether or not there's a god/s,because both sides if looked at objectively, have valid points. Now when u say God, I, like most other people who would read it, would think ud be referring to the Judeo-Christian "GOD", even though, nowhere within the Hebrew language do you find them say GOD, or for the fact that the Letter "J" was not ever in the Original Hebrew or Greek languages, moreover it was only introduced into the English Alphabet within the late 1500's, therefore his could not have been and was NEVER JESUS.
  • @Lumerian/Thanks! I'll have a look at this.

    @Eneas956/They never did.After death there is nothing.
  • The Case For Christ. This is a movie based on true events. The is a book too with the same title. I encourage everyone to watch the movie on you YouTube and/or read the book. I prefer the book.

    I hope you are blessed.
  • i grew up in a strong Protestant stronghold and even though I find myself questioning some aspects of the Bible, sometimes I just remind myself that... hey if God is all knowing and is a lot more superior to my feeble mindedness, I’ll just ask Him... but if He doesn’t exist, what do I have to lose right? I’ll just die and disappear into oblivion or reincarnate into a panda bear *shrugs* but if IF He does exist..... well that’s another story... anyways, I appreciate your post... it’s almost brave to consider onselef an atheist with everyone in your family and community associated with some form of religion but In my experience... I went to college where a lot of people did not affiliate with any religion or were considered agnostics, atheists, etc.... found that it can be easy to associate with people with different beliefs as long as they are open minded and don’t criticize you for your beliefs.... you have your reasons and that’s you... and just the same, we have our reasons ...
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