What happened to the old gods?

Why is it that most of the people on mother EARTH now believe in God/Jesus. What happened to the gods of the olden days, only a few people believe in them now


  • The GODS way before Christianity was even introduced in the islands
  • I'm not old enough to remember any gods before Christianity. Can you please name which gods you are referring to? Can you describe any of them? Or provide us with a link to information about these gods?
  • Everyone in any nations/continents/lands had/have their own versions of god like Rome/Greek to Jupiter/Zeus.
  • Why are you making things difficult for yourself. I know in the Marshalls, people of maanbe backgrounds pray to their own god.
  • The people I know in the Marshalls worship either God, or Allah, or Jehovah, or Jesus, or the U.S. Dollar, or the SOV, or vodka, or any of dozens of other religious and non-religious deities. Of the thousands of Marshallese I know, not one of them worships an unknown god from the distant past of their long-dead ancestors.
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    That's where you're wrong my brother. Didn't I just said people of maanbe background still do it secrecy? There are only a few that does it. If you go to Ajletake, Majuro, then you will an altar made palm leaves and mangrove branches somewhere offshore.
  • I can't say for sure if the maanbe people still use those spot or do it in houses.
  • Ajeltake, you say? I lived there. I never saw or heard of any "alter made palm leaves and mangrove branches somewhere offshore." There's just the lagoon and the ocean offshore....and a couple of rusting shipwrecks plus an old airplane wreck on the lagoon floor. No altars. Or did you mean onshore?
  • I meant to say onshore but back to matters, the altar was/is located somewhere near where Li-Kiridu crashed
  • @Junair/Are you Marshallese? If so all I know about our ancient religion is that it's no longer practiced.Even told that our ancestors weren't much of a superstitious people Just some clans that were devoted to it.Most of our kin was more into nature and other things.

    Our surpreme deity/god I believe was known as Lowa.
  • You sure about that? Have you not seen Toltoliban's footprint or that huge boulder/rock in Jaluit
  • I dont know if you were raised by white folks but 7/10 legends are real in the Marshalls. You just need to open up those eyes.
  • Can you please share any photos of "Toltoliban's footprint, or that huge boulder/rock in Jaluit, or an altar made palm leaves and mangrove in Ajeltake?" I have personally seen none of these in the Marshall Islands.
  • what about pre-christian gods in the fsm? Kosrae has Sinlaku, although many locals count the beginning of their culture with the arrival of the protestant missionaries in the 1850s. Yet many Kosraeans believe in ghosts, black magic and other superstitions that are incompatible with christian beliefs. Although there is new interest in the pre-christian gods and religious practices, hardly anyone would ever admit belief in them.
  • @FactsMatter, why don't you get up and buy yourself a round-trip ticket to the Marshall's and see for yourself buddy. It won't hurt since you're doing yourself a big favor and checking up on history!!
  • I lived there for many years, buddy. It sounds like you are the one who needs to visit and see it for yourself. Marshallese are living in the 21st century now...not in the 18th century.
  • Not that that is necessarily a good thing.
  • Good or bad, it's reality.
  • So factsmatter, you been to all of the 1,200 islands in the Marshalls?

    The old religion is gone. That giant toltoliban has connection to the mokillese legend of a giant to saved them once. Also connected to the island of Arno. It's a mixture of historical events with legends.
  • Totltiban is of majuro and arno origin. That's where all the powerful maanba came from. Reaper, the old religion hasn't died out yet when there are still few people practicing it. The keyword here is "SECRECY".
  • jUnAIR,

    The most powerful God is the Creator of the universe, the Lord God Almighty.

    Why are you interested in lesser and evil created beings?
  • @Junair/Eyes aren't the problem fellow kinsmen.Lack of knowledge is.I'm certain for I've been told this my entire life.Now Idk if what was told to me is true or not."Raised by white folks" you can say that konke my family has diluted blood(European(German)/Kiribas).Ive been brought up by a highly devoted Christian folks.However we tend to keep in touch with our culture.Only thing that's missing out is the old religion.Ive spoke with the elders in my family About it in return I recieved that lowa was our surpreme God of ancient times.Pretty much just that."Old religion hasn't died out yet",It's still around? Wow.Secrecy is a huge thing back home.May I ask.Have they preserve it in a book or so?Id like to learn more about it(inbox me).Toltoliban? No.Dont know the story behind that,I haven't visited Marshall in such long time.But will do so in a yr or two.

    @Truthisthat/I'm sry pal but I'm gonna have to laugh at what you've typed down.
  • Lucifer, Satan, the devil, is a liar and wants to take the place of the Lord, the Almighty Creator and the only true God. Satan will use all means to decieve and lead people away from Jesus. He uses ancestor worship, spiritism, pagan gods, yes, and even money, pride, self, and other ways and means to trap people.

    The God all of humankind must worship is the Creator. But sadly, even some so-called Christians worship the devil without being aware of it.

    Search the Scriptures and pray for God to lead you to the truth. The truth will set you free.

    Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    We all should accept Him as our Lord and Savior.
  • This is the real truth, I agree! image
  • @Truthisthat/I'm an athiest.I'll have to say no to that.
  • MrNobody905,

    What is an athiest?
  • @Truthisthat

    You can search that up to find out who we are.Well known society.I'm sure you've heard of us.For my definition,Atheists are a group of secular people that lacks the the belief of any God or goddesses.We distant ourselves from primitive superstitious nonsense.

  • A theist believes that God exists.

    An atheist believes that God does not exist.

    An agnostic is undecided...or just doesn't care.
  • MrNobody905,

    I know what an atheist is, but not an athiest, which was what you wrote, prompting my question.

    So what do you believe in? And if Christians believe in an intelligent God Who created the universe and man, what does it mean for a person who believes he is not created? Do you believe you came from an animal, as a result of evolution?
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