FSM Labor Laws, Equal Opportunity, and Gender Equality

The FSM National Government, foreign governments and international agencies, as well as all the FSM States seem to be complying with our local labor laws. However, there seems to be one group which has been blatantly violating our National and State Labor Laws. It is not a Government, nor is it an international aid agency, it is a religion or church.

My question for those legal experts is this - Is a church legally exempt from our local Labor Laws? And if yes, where exactly in our National and State Constitutions is this clearly defined?


  • which church or religion are we talking about?
  • In this day and age, the US Federal government has rules and regulations in regards to hiring practice to promote racial or ethnic diversity in the workplace, to promote gender equality, and equal opportunity for all. And, in the FSM we also have similar labor rules and regulations in place.

    However, if we examine the hiring or selecting practice of the MORMON CHURCH in the FSM and throughout MICRONESIA, we see that they select predominantly male and white American missionaries to come into our islands and engage in missionary work. According to the lds.org website and other sources, there are about 15 million Mormon church members scattered throughout the world. If this is the case, then why is the Mormon church sending mostly male white American missionaries into the FSM?

    Is this were a private company or corporation, could this practice be potentially seen as racial and gender discrimination? And if yes, isn't this a gross violation of US and FSM labor laws which are in place to promote ethnic diversity, gender equality, and equal opportunity for all?

    Don't the Mormon church have any Hispanic, African American, European, Asian, or other missionaries from other ethnicities?

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